Keep Riding that Life

I’m Back from Bombay,vroom vroom hitting my gears to 21,here I come Pune, pedalling on the busy streets,people asking my good name, then who spotted my hood cam
This is the Sir Sagz here, flaming my shame
Breaking my old fame,fast as a F1 McLaren
It’s the first weekend,drain em sweat N gain
The road ain’t no game feel like my wrapped friend, listen to the Jam of Eminem
Chained to my hand,trained to slip pain N insane in the face of your inhumane brain,Can Bruce Wayne beat Bane
If Max can sustain without Payne
Why the fuck I can’t the way I am
You Weigh my slam
Pedal a day when I may get a sprain
In my leg restrained,let her deign, Imma be the warrior till I’m slain
Who to be blamed,Many came Many lame Fucking cars in the wrong lane
I fucking slapped rain coz I claim the shit I frame in my written thang,awaken at 3am
My aim so damn stable like a dead man
Focus on the theme,I’m the real Sagz Ma’am
My bike is the new tsunami got no stain there ain’t no end untill I see birds flying in my head
Tamed to the core
Mary Jane got no love for
the amazing Spiderman
My love for ya so pure
like you choking and craving for the sight of oxygen
Spent many cent on my cosmic mobile for a dent
Didn’t even let my friend ride for a rent
If Gus and Shawn are the real black N tan
Then US N A erred to count on Clark J Kent
Imma flush this Joint coz it’ll crack my vent
Slush the bae if she’s gonna take a stand
Cussed all the way yea run N make her faint
Roughed up all my say so imma drug a saint
Why these people who fail plaint
When I failed these motherfucking gents
Laughed their ass off got me so fucking intense
Barked where at my class prof. for teaching me nonsense
Half a share of my damn luck put em in my defence
Rap a fair shit to these trash talks loot em the suspense
So I Got the fuck up,built up a fence
To be the champ like the IP man
A new motivated energy came
whenever you said I can’t
Respect ya for the same
I never listen to music to calm my vein
Plugged in to boost my beast to the maximum
So if your lyrics is shit,fuck that beat I ain’t gonna listen to you speak betta’ hit the street
Coz your feat don’t gimme the kick I need lit Imma dig so fucking deep you won’t even understand a bit
Shift the G to free you pick a cheap dick In a click Chick lip stick ain’t your fucking trick ? you ride with a rich son of a bitch freak
These kids so Sick,Imma teach you some of a mystery quick
While you sleep my soul skids N spits on your humanity, I write this shit at three
You gotta ride this bumblebee humbly
Truth be the fuel & key to the ABC of this jumbled being with a crumbled script Mumble it not fondle a bitch then cuddle a tree ‘N keep moving and dump em a snitch you want me to dumb em this skit ?
said Sir S.A.G. to the real Z
Read blurred like on LSD to deal G
A nod to the right keep it cleared fo’ me
An empty mind is a home for the devil that fine these stuffs just keep coming when I’m ridin
Shift in, I gotta do my thing
The beat and the screeching
Sound of my bike mixing
while my mood kicks in
One mo’ mile,my brakes are hissin’
The Bombay twistin’ why you driving the taxi
Amy Farrah Fowler a vixen
Magic of the friction
Can’t live without it nor none can fight
That’s a fiction,like a dude on a mission
Kissed em heat on a sunny day,my addiction ride ya rhyme till I die,my poetic diction
Lisbon is the beauty that got me smitten
Fist em this mutely splat em it’s written
To slap your fucking face twice rudely listen
That helps me in uphill riding crudely freakin
Like dating a bitch who got real thang fading
Sweating like the niagra falls fallin’ N’ gradin
My patience it’s upsetting
Can’t play with my feelings if ya got pretty
Hating,Gotta go further ?If She is askin let it
That’s it I’m stopping But Stallone shouting at me
You me nobody can hit as hard as life
That right man seen em lose the fight
I’m contradicting at gear eight,you feel the speed alright ?
someone’s been calling me on my Skype,Hype this shit,I don’t need a pipe
My bike Keeps me high,full of pride
My mind bribes behind my eyes, gotta ride
Until my burden’s light,I’mma be a knight
Put em hurdles oh my sight sharper than the mightiest eagle bright as a fucking day
Then despite My wheels not on flight
Flying high as a kite,bet the height of my words brought you this fucking plight
Why hate me bro bite me quite Imma lit the light in your dark soul
Ignite the ignorants’ right
my lyrics still ain’t got no copyright but stings like the bee who lost its knife N borrowed the sword from the store that sold the hammer to the Thor
So more coming this way go cover your ears tight
Might burn these ice cubes to suffice my crisis I’m lost on top of my axis Jesus Christ
A white screen rushin in my vision tryna find this
A Man risked his Life for these racist ass-kissed assist this piece of shit creeps at my peaks
Guess I can ignore these cocky pricks outta my list quick
Pass by haters on the smokey road
Tweak my ride ditch em like Tom cruise cruised in the MI5
You oughta Live each moment now forget the days you cried
You gotta revive ,wipe out that fake smile
Come pressure must you thrive
End your life on an endless archive
Strive to be the one you were not the last fucking night
I’m not a fitness freak
I fucking drive
myself Outta my zone,you keep em excuses piled
Fuck neagtive vibe
See my face count each fucking lines scribed
Said my Bike
You need a back up snitch I don’t
Trained by the pain of a grind
Get up you son of a bitch you must rhyme This is the time, you parasitic leech earn a dime
Do whatever yo put on your fuckin mind
Put you on a lil light homie you gon’ shine, These fucking feelings for ‘nother hoe ?
You gotta kill em with a nine
Fuck the game up boy be the Lord on your side take the holy sign,
Sore is temporary,that mine,
forever is your goddamn pride,
swore to hail mary, wont fucking back down untill I die
So I ride ,If I’m falling, I gotta fucking rise
I’m ballin’ for my niggas ain’t jotting lies
Can’t put a price on the real happiness
that’s my fuckin prize
Why be fake and play the guise of a guide
I know your every step,bitch you can’t hide
Face this angry monster,glitch in my eyes
Chase these dreams faster, itching my whys
These questions stream in my head terrifies
I’m screamin for the answers that clarifies
You can find thousand more words fuckin buried verified
A girl needs to get married
She needs to be sympathized,but you don’t guys,feed the soul as advised by the wise
Joseph Seed fuckin got me baptized in the holy ink I used to fuckin mark his last days
I’m just a raging poet who buys your bullshit lies turns into a superpower with the pen I write,Long live the irking poem he cites
Spites the wrong fucking screw em with a pike
My shit is so fucking uptight you gotta
Meet the sprite gives me this fucking insight
Treats me as a must be king glides through the dark and white that’s nice now I ride.

– ©The Sir Sagz😉


The Truth

It’s the life I’ve been living
The things I’ve been giving
It’s the love I’ve been craving
The pressure I have been spitting
It’s the threshold I have been beating

Why it’s gotta end this way when i’m breathing
On seeing others in pain,I don’t wanna live in
Why’ve you made me so powerless being
Or is it somethin
chosen to be so fuckin
To run away from every possible bloodsuckin
bitch I think
Is there really a heaven,why you never blink
Is it just ‘nother lie been trying to ink
Drinkin some shit to get a fuckin hint
who do I trust when she couldn’t see the real me
behind my maskin
Ain’t begging you at all
To pick me up
would just by myself spring
Seen enough sin
Dying inside,can’t spend another min
Creepin inside my nightmares
Gimme ‘nother chance to be new again
On my own without any fucking training
Dreamin’ to be the champion
Fuck that,on your knees
Beg to Him
Heard many stories,so are my dreams
Don’t know how things work out in this mean world,ventin my spleen
On my rhyme
Hate is what I’m takin in
Processing it clean
Why build a temple for a stone to sit in
Things believed and the shits thrown at Him
Never quit nor freaked,pedalled hard,broke a Rim
Won this bitch,everytime I set out ‘n broke a limb
Own this pitch,every line I wrote,you feel my scream
Never pat my back,neither did my team
Hell of a game,fightin’ hard inside the ring
never took your name,I’m so egoistic fucking insane, won’t listen a thing
Dear lord,why so silent now ? Ring ring
Where you hiding ? I’m bored of these li’l games you been playing
Hide ‘n seek,but who’s really reeling
Drank a Red bull didn’t give me any fuckin wing
I’m a old school,never pulled any string
Why fly high,Made my way like katana swing
Mark my words coz its gonna pinch like ain’t no thang
Dear Lord,Thought you were the one ‘n only perfection
But wherever I go,On seeing destruction
Gotta ask ya this, how’s the view from the top
Is it enough fun
Coz come the sun,I fucking run
Till I bleed from my nose,still I ain’t done
Come the stars,a ton of pressure on my shoulder,fucking push my button
3am it is and I stand before the mirror
This illusion been killing me hon
Where is the truth,can I find em post my mortem
Dear Lord, where you now ? You created this earth n life,then why the hell am I shunned ?
Where do I go,got no mentor,fucking pissed em to create paths of my own N got this bitch some wisdom
Loved one N the lesson made me the king Kong of my kingdom
This shit is proven explicitly in my last rhythm
My theme is so hidden
Feels like talkin shit when I say
I’ll beat life to it’s knee,so fucking strong
Messed with the wrong beast who’s been cursed so fucking long
Got nothing to lose,but blood N sweat,oh my tongue
So fuck tear N this fake motherfucking throng
Raped N killed a beautiful soul
Why couldn’t you save Asifa
Right in front
where were you gone
There ain’t no God ? Maybe not,Just a stone
ya’ll been worshipping to,these people so dumb
My mind’s no fuckin numb
count me out,hell with religion,I’m so fuckin done
Don’t show me your power con
Motherfucker I will touch the sky N jump higher to land on
your fucking brain,smear it all over your ugly face,like a thousand pound Thump
A thunder you can’t handle grump
Light ya up first
Burn you down till ya residue gone
When I’m on my shit I can’t be stopped
Hardly I go home,hard I go hot till my beast is unlocked
I’m loaded with ego N guts you will never see my God
You can’t keep pace with my life li’l homie shut the fuck up
Can’t follow my steps can’t even unfollow me nigga cut the show off
Jealous ass bitch rub your face on my shoes it might get ya off
What kind of living is this,I’m shocked
These cowards been running on psuedo power
Heard em talk
Uneducated fuckin politicians who are never on clock
Dear farmer,Where is your God
Now, you can’t be a fraud, I promised myself a lot,but I’m fucking flawed
Cursed is just another word I’m fucking hurt
The fuck you assholes’ve done to my earth
Donated to the Greenpeace N amnesty
Got a substantial pay cut
Absolutely rot these lickass kissass fuckin sluts
Changed the way everything was meant to be but
Had to learn these fake faces to deal on the spot
Built this shit to shield my reeled life thought
But got Killed in the field coz I didn’t,nod along I fucking fought
Dear soldier, where is your God
Now, can you ever stop
The sacrifices you’ve done for these motherfuckers a fuckin lot
Still I got to jot
Crop my lyric to even a single dot
Still I got a shot to blow yo mind
You better opt
Not to fuck with my game boy coz
I will beat ya ass till ya rest in peace flopped
Never asked for any help,not even to my pop
Ready to go even after a fatal accident bloods dropped
As if I’m the kratos
So If you think you can break me Bitch ? that You cannot
Sound of the crushing bones fuck that I’m the Adkin Scott
Fire ain’t gonna burn me homie I breathe this stuff
Stand with one leg but I’m strong enough to blow the damn SWAT
Principles are not meant to be taught
Schools are shit and this new generation kids are so fucked up
Brainwashed by these fuckin gadgets
In the makin of Bots
Get outta home boy run a mile join a club
Follow the rules but gotta be an outlaw must
Doesn’t matter how much it gonna cost
To be happy and see them smiling,so long my heart’s got the rust
Oh my gosh,how much time I got Doc
Where you now ? Searched a while like a fool N then I gave up
Spend hours on prayer like He is the real juggernaut,Trust
No fucking body gonna save ya when you’re busted
Who’s human enough to put an end to this cult
A lone wolf is never lost
God is an illusion,boy tell me who you gonna believe in when ya get tossed
Dear homeless people who’s your Boss
Where is your God now ? You have crossed
One and half million people still in a rush
The judgement day is on its way,so fucking hush
you Loud trash Get your damn foot off the clutch
Embrace the chaos and hold no grudge
If you came so far without a fucking compliment dont even budge
Sir don’t be stuck
Let them stupid Cupid mock
Me and my bike just hit 70kmph N topped
I’m out of my comfort zone like the black hawk
Live mo’ do mo’ bro, help the poor man don’t be a gawk
Why Hancock,lent a hand to the cop
What does it matter why,where is the Lord
Dear God, I’m the sword
Sharp as a tack, if I gotta cut
Liar and the coward back stabbers and such
BC be nice ’cause
I’ll always be there for ya to cover and crutch
Kill them demons within ya be the God
Top ways to be on your Tod,Dude cut the crap,I have seen angels flying in the dark
You better take the chance
I’m going to hell for sure
But I’ll keep ya a spot On the glorious paradise lot
Kids Sorry for the bad words
Thank you so much,wait for my new track.

– ©Sir Sagz😉

Money the Bitch

This is the story of a kid,been searching for the meaning of the life we lead
What does he understand, what’s his need
Play all day long,no worries,he’s freed
Sleep whenever he wants
Granny makes him overfeed
Got some real friends in need
Whatever he did,he’s loved instead
But Things got changed real quick
Time played a fucking game indeed
He’s writing this shit 3 in the morning
No-fucking-body’s gonna read
Still Transforming them thoughts into words
While Puffing his last weed
Your greed makes me bleed
The boy’s been through the dark shit
Each story has a twist
Fuck this
Why everything comes with a price,priest
Even you,Tell me the cost of your life whilst
you heal my spirit
It makes me wanna rip my soul apart,strip it ‘n whip it
Convicted,So many conflict and
Strictly scripted
My story so perfect
Get this
In the backyard till you dig your own graveyard, flip in it ‘n quit
Why everybody’s crying for one more digit
Craving fo’ Mo and Mo dough
Ain’t no limit
Ain’t no gimmick,
All metaphoric,go through my lyric
when you get it,come back to me
got a question for it
Where is your dignity
Admit it, since the school they’ve been killing my dreams,stealing my wit
Seen a many Asshole teachers in life
Treated them right
never mistreat
Despite Money is the business here,they’re gonna come ‘n fucking greet
Who’s gotta count it,how much they bid
To see me where I stand now, still I misfit
The lover her mother told her to never meet
This world is filled with
Daddy’s asshole princess bitch
Sixteen years have passed on
Learnt some shit
Got a job,some changed a bit some didn’t
Love that damn purple thing you ain’t gonna split
Unfit old fucks taking credit
Running on trademill tryna lose that guilt
Say what you wanna prick
Still don’t give a fuck to critic
Never gave,ain’t gonna repeat
Built in bullshit-resistant kit
Money doesn’t affect me, Never I cheat
Don’t even beg to God till the veins in my head beat
There it goes so fuck you feminists
You can suck up your own crap N freak
Come at me with your best shot, kid
Ain’t no comparison, I’m hit
With the iceberg sunk down the Titanic
Ain’t no great fiction man but i’m fucking dynamic
Give u whatever I can,still fuck humanity
The devil in me so powerful like an army
Hates every face it sees,respect each martyr
You can’t bring me down gravity
I’m Laxmi can get u out of ur trouble at free
Dreamin’ to be the reason of the smile on your lips
Leave me,tease me if you can fucking freeze me
gotta do whats on my mind,money squeezin
Damn these days bitches whorin
No relationship’s pure anymore,riches scorin
Fuck your ring,Imma dive in
Trouble I see,gotta solve it
Few G in my account,gotta keep it
Yet donating to the Amnesty
My dynasty dies with me
Ain’t no SAGZ can be the one with no opacity
No brutality
Can you beat my high morality
I’mma build my own hood,that screwed my fucking mentality
In reality,Money is the bitch you love
I won’t,God look at my audacity
Freedom is the currency
Of mine,still flying high, energized like a kid
dont fuck with my capacity
If I could buy each a smile and lift the curse pile,leave no room for pity
I would exhaust a mile though it ain’t my duty
Refute me
See only two expressions on my face,ain’t though goofin
smiling or damn freaking sweating
Frequently,my game improving
Coz I live the life so eloquently
Never dreamt of a Bentley
Gently park my Buggatti on my front yard Ettore please,trade with my loyalty
Peep,You will never see me again with a bitch in this shit
I will vanish in a flash, I’m not gon’ creep
Be hell with your world at last, I’m not done,hypocrites
Never broke my word for any rat ass,I’m not wang, fuck yo benefits
No amount can ever play me jackass,I’m not prone to counterfeit
You can Search ‘n go further,find that someone,fucking tricks
The risk mentioned in Bold italic in my list
Hold up Take Every breath I’m fucking pissed
Seeing people sleep in hunger
Smthng’s missed So I dissed
Money is the god they worshipped
Locked in some stone and the lies believed
How painful to see, shameful to be
Caged in human beings fighting to be free
Suffocating k’nomically,standing ‘n front of the mirror at three
And Making criminals with a degree
Nobody’s gotta change the game,ain’t no referee
When I die,donate my money to the animals on the street
Parts of my body to who needs
You gotta Plant me a tree
Nobody knows me, you gonna decide what’s Fucking good for me
What should be blamed on me
Fucking Damn funny
Yeah Yeah I’m on it
Hated human life since I touched the ground
And Started running
Choking myself to sleep,yeah yeah I’m earning
Everyday a new fight in the morning
Storming outta my comfort zone,I’m burning
Ain’t no soldier on the border but I’m burdened
Ain’t no easy way out yeah yeah I’m certain
Wasn’t born gifted so I just went on
Whatever I did pushed my damn limits beyond
Ain’t getting married gotta teach life a lesson
Each line’s a quote I own,wrote em outta my pain in this song
Fucking pigs, what’s fucking wrong
With you, be a little more human would you
She told me Fucking hate you that made me strong
Let the good deeds live on when you gone
Already Chosen to die young
Tag along,spread the word,make it go long
Money ain’t all you will ever want,
If ya got it never fucking flaunt
Some even can’t
Find a roof on the top to get away from the sun
Always on the run,this place and that and on and on
Hear Some desperate girl’s mourn
Looking for love on, tinder losing mind over some moron
When all this shit gon’
End,thing’s unchanged like a stubborn Stone
When I’m rich like Genghis Khan,I’ll just pour the damn things on
Gold and diamond
Push on,keep on and see an obstacle flip the beast mode on
Make someone happy,be a hero,see what you earn
We live in a world
Where life just blinks ‘n we burn
Did you even fucking learn
A kid havin dreams trapped in this bullshit thorn
spittin harsh beat
Has Reached
Point of no return
In a team,you don’t win alone
But Look at him go against Satan
See ya’ll in hell assholes when I’m gone.

– ©Sir Sagz😉

You have to Pay

What are you without Fear ?
What are you without Pain ?
What are you without love ?
You are fucking phenomenal

Its 3am and I stand before the mirror
Carrying the burden On my shoulder
Eyes up,as he visualizes these disguises,no less than any ISIS,
Yes,on a true story this is based,this fucking horror
Homies turned away,now they prefer to differ
Whatsoever,he ain’t a quitter,this is the life bitch he gon’ author
Tear apart problems like a piece of paper
Hardly shivers when he sees a nigga
life’s tired of fucking him over
Unbeatable since he lost the cover
Mother taught you don’t show off love ya keep it young forever
But When it comes to anger,bring out that fire,burn em fucking motherfucker

I had no rule,back in ’97 I joined the school
Life was good,everybody was so nice n cool
Fool,do you know the principle
Told my teacher,fucking ridiculed
You need to study to score well
Hell,What’d you do with the knowledge,go ahead tell
I’m so irresistible
exciting things to know,swell
no interest in studying,yeah pass or fail
Why they want me to shine like an angered gayle
Ring the bell
Who wanna study this shit,go fucking yell
Fuck your edu system,excelled enough
now let me fucking expel
Hold up,just got an email
To Fill in each and every detail
You got the job Sagz, hooray n What the hell
You just fit the requirement so freaking well.

Need the money,so i dint think just got enrolled
What the fuck is this shit,I’m reaching my threshold
Look at these old fucks tryna make me blindfold
Just keep doing whatever they fucking told,
This shit is old,life is sold,
Just behold these emerging A’holes
setting me goals
You ain’t scared of your boss,money creates your role
Lick em,butter em up Sagz n get some self-control
Watch your words when you talk with em coz you are on their payroll
N I’mma be like Fuck you all,
Its So fucking political
This fucking game is stereotypical
Fight for a name,a goddamn fame,
N Whatever the boss asks is fucking rhetorical
Fucking fake professional

I’m jumping my milestones as if I don’t care
Building my fucking career
People out there
struggling everywhere
Square the fuck up Rob Bailey,yeah
I hear
Self motivating myself
over and over I’m scared
Getting a bad vibe and problems I hardly share
3am it is,i’m getting a nightmare
We all wanna be a fucking billionaire
So despair to make every shit Fucking unfair

You want this done hon ? you gotta run
A lot, nothing’s gonna happen if you just mind your business own
A long queue to go on
Motherfuckers have made this system
I don’t prefer em
I am a hard working nigga, time is just a matter of fun
Comes free with a fucking job and a bitch
Number one
How do I Get rid of them one by one
Fucked up EMI and a fucking bank loan
Gotta quit this shit,get out of this zone
Gonna be on a beach with a bottle of beer to lie on

So painful experience hence this damn race
I don’t even have a license
I just put the words together
till it makes some sense
Living my life in full suspense
I’m not as fast as my fucking tears
Trying to get the hold of pretence
Been avoiding emotional attachments
I Got no friends
All alone
Making my way through this hell hole
where it ends
Nobody gives a shit anymore,I’m trying to transcend
All I see is a fucked up world going to descend
I stand here before the mirror,it’s 3am
My reflection is a monster,
How long you gonna Apprehend
My hair is falling,don’t think I got much time
Before I burst into flames
Just like the video game,Max payne,
They took everything once I told mine
Just remember I’m coming back for ya’all
Where you gonna hide,check your lifeline

Turned me into a monster for em who got a problem,bitch I conquer
Shut the fuck up girl
Not been so long,guess it was the April
Said you gave me a new life sagz n a mate for my dying soul
Thought she is the one coz Life felt like a romantic musical
Fo’ real
Soon she became a big deal
dint know the real thang behind that fool’s gold
Thousands like her,one can find in this fucking world
Promised never to leave me,no matter whatever may come,chum
Now that she is gone,it’s just the pain that I succumb
That Fucking bitch,
get a disease
And may your ass burn please,be deceased

Standing on a glass castle,ain’t you all,fighting our battle
I am the El solo lobo,i ain’t gonna settle
Struggle is real,hats off to ya’ll,
Who’s making though everyday,
So fucking phenomenal
Get the eyes of an eagle,
You ain’t no loser shut the blue fucking whale
Crying for love huh ?
pass through the thunders till you meet the real fucking hell
Fly high in the sky till ya die, motherfucker get a whole lot jealous
Fellas, listen to my words,there ain’t no Bella nor fucking Cinderella
Trust no bitch be your own fucking hero,tell em
We make our destiny,it’s all in our will power

Beast mode is on,bitch be gone
whatever you can throw at me,just go on
Ever seen a red Hulk ? Guess you gonna
Fucking bullshit people quit your drama
Imma be the optimus Prime n bumblebee on my side,on Marijuana
Thinking of a fucking cursed lyrics, gonna hunt you all Everytime you see me,cleanse your karma
Get your army ready with the armour
Rise of the fallen,one man standing here
Anxiety is my super power
I’m hit
with the iceberg that sunk down the Titanic
I’m a freak
Pain is my fuel,refuel me,make me sick
Tick tick,time is running out,come out you fucking pricks
See once what you have done,bitch
You don’t make me suicidal,no you cant trick

Stop whispering me to Choose my words carefully,
All I have is just a wish
Glisk the fucking Risk,they are gonna come at me to frisk
Do not whisk
Sagz,You fucking freeze
I got all your damn pics
These fucking lunatics
This is where my story ends
I made u this crazy mix
I hope u got the zist
Motherfuckers will unleash the beast that rest in each of you pissed

– Sir Sagz😉

Freedom is my currency

Trust me you will fly with my rhyme
Freedom is the currency of mine
On my way to shine
I hide no thang,inside damn outside,man,all the same
Living life in the fast lane
Fuck fame,name and shame I play no game
Insane,in the face of your inhumane brain
Hence don’t look at my bitch even
Don’t get on my nerves and see my vein
Blood,sweat and tears rolling down my skin
Dream so high,I don’t look back where I’ve been
Has-been the days,doing this and that and even this
I’m so Fucking kin,won’t let any thrills miss
Don’t wanna keep any regrets
I’m an all rounder built in
Ain’t accepting my sin
Father i’m all clean
Been to the gym and seen them lean
Beam on my bike rim when i’m cycling
Why I got to sleep,a hell fucking lot to sync
It’s 3am and I’m standing
Before the mirror, that was so enlightening
Death is frightening,but I think
Loneliness is killing
so why need a friend,befriend this shit stinks
Rings my alarm at six
it’s time to bring my thing
Ping my niggas,plan a trip,find a place in Bing
Fucking human being
Fuck relationship
I got a big question
l don’t wanna end up with a ring
Never had an intention to write or sing
but had to let you know what I really mean
Nobody has a fucking clue what to do when shits sting
Think, life is too short to follow orders,better be John wick
Stick up in em ass every bullet ya get,life ain’t no picnic
But I’ve chosen to walk on the wrong side of it
We only go far away,joy,no way we can meet
Pain is my drug ‘n dealer is my life
Fighting as hard as I can but can’t quit
despite the things I see
It’s the only life I’ve got to be
Whoever I wanna be,you have created this fucking biz
I don’t wanna be a part of these
Shit,my eyes look beyond the seven seas
Fuckers may be the Terminator,but i’m the Kyle Reese
Come each opportunity,gotta seize
Have Let go of the people hold me back,them disease
I’m never at ease
Why would I be
I’m running out of time to learn from a to z
Fuck relief I’m ok with the pain in my knees
Heard em niggas who once did the good deeds
Them in the supreme seats
Call em back,pac,rest in peace
So Not to lose my cool with these fools fighting over who’s gonna rule
Guess my ex can have a bf like deadpool
I’m so far away from these materialistic cute boos
Who’s gonna tame me,I’m a wild beast,fuck your golden zoos
Booze ain’t a solution,but I never misuse
I’mma roam all over the places I choose, ink some tattoos and cruise
Judge my book,fuck it’s cover so damn bruised
Been through it ? Bet your kids fucking amused
I Blame those parents who let the kids fucking loose
And teach no ethics no virtue and cry when the fucktards abuse
The last page ain’t the end,sorry for the bad words,please excuse
Had to cut so many lines,coz You fucking youth can’t handle the truth
Everybody’s settling down,getting glued, fucking screwed
Ten years from now on,see me on top of the world,running with my crew
I’ll create my own latitude
Yet,this dude will never be so freaking rude
My lyrics so controversially viewed
A feud is inevitable
but you won’t get me sued
you love me coz i’m the dude who fucking stood for you when you had a cold foot
I’m more complicated than the simpler I look
Bitch gets her shorts on,oh yeah she should
Who the fuck are you to lose yo mind,you could ?Ever Heard of the croods ?
Who barbecued nude in the woods
The more you retards grow,lose your moral attitude
I’m a bad nigga, a soul digger,always in mood
Twelve hours a day I’m with my headphones
Getting My music renewed
Feels like I live in this ghost town,love this solitude
Write my shit renowned when i’m down on the ground
yeah I would
I can’t love you anymore,I quit my pursuit
For the happiness,I’mma build my own hood
No bullshit rule,no violence,no pain,no loot
Absolute pleasure,visions differ,gotta get it by hook or by crook
Open my book,go through chapter two
You can’t win this cruel duel against life,fuck Muslim fuck you Hindu
You A’holes the same,the hell with religion
Leave me alone,I bid adieu
So fucking pissed off with you
Once I left my room to ride in the noon
Time won’t heal my wounds soon
My nigga lost his life, barely twenty-five,was it his fault or misfortune
Prime’s broken now where is Cade,three more days left I assume
I have given up expecting anything from anyone whom
Gonna call mine,who’s got the time to embrace
Everybody’s running so fast in this fucking race
I don’t have a license,just got enough pace
In the opposite direction of you rest
Why fuck with the obsessed
Go ahead win your fucking contest
Searching diamond in dirt, I’m lost in my quest
I don’t believe tomorrow’s a day to be stressed
it’s just another test,Victory in the end
I can ‘n you will,coz you are the fucking best
Fly with my rhyme blessed

– © Sir Sagz😉