Here comes the rain, bringing all the joy as I walk down the memory lane
The time has come again,look at these children go insane
Headphones on,I’m listening to eminem singing drop the world motherfudger with lil fudging wayne
Here I go again

I heard the pitter-patter, right after
they cut the power, who’s doin that absurd jibber jabber, pushed my door yeah gimme an answer
Was playing max Payne,couldn’t save,
Now I lost the chapter think Far cry 5 is even better yea fit the words that is so clever

Walked outta my room to get that utmost wonder
My stance cocked swagger however is like a damn hot summer
Shy aunts stalked my stagger now rev her up like a non stop runner
Buy a glance mock a weather how brave of ya to hike and jump top further
Eye a chance awake a brother how craze of ya to climb and plunge a dagger of pleasure
I got this tricky flow from Naughty by nature yoke the joker
Tykes on the wet spot whether
They’re gonna get sick and choke the doctor
Such a blurred vision stirred up a factor
For you keep it under observation later
Got the procus go pro to show the score to my haters
Sport the doofus so low to blow mo’ of my neighbours
Store the glow touched photo to crow at the door ’bout my failures
Then pour the dope potion to my soul grow and roar, I’m the player
Get out of this slow Mo life just
When the lightening is gone N the thunder stops
But u still hiding like a con N the wonder drops
like the firing of a gun N the splendour pops
I’m riding like the Paul let me remind you the boss
The furious how fast I’m flowing I’m curious
Serious Lee to the Brett bowling at 150 three spurious
Can hit the ball to the tall building in a 50 ‘gree Celsius
Envious fit girl took a fall in a billion filthy creep craving lust
Cricket eh just a fuss crawl to the pavillion from a nifty sleep must
N Burst my Thirst, ‘nother great shot yeah millions gift it to the cric Gods
Absurd, never be a spectator with a
Fake get up yup traitor take off to your snake block and discuss
Late set up but greater, shake off nigga wreck a clock and disgust
Straight eight schmucks but merrier, payoff, break a tough luck why so viscous
Mate played a lot hurt but carry on mo’ till the playoff
Keep giving you the good stuff till they Picked us
keep riding that life coz you are fuckin adventurous
Fucking venturous nigga climbed up a dangerous mountain to pass his combat endurance
Took every chance to be in advance like Ra’s al ghul’s raged vengeance
Shoot ! leveraged the plants to be in a trance like I’m a fool ? The legend hence
Bruit the average paced gramps that I use slangs write a cool thang in present tense
Foot to the mountain edge camps to fill in the blanks of my heart, Deadpool got no pleasant sense
Gents, climb higher and you fall deeper in love with the nature ask any adventurer
Life’s a barrier and you crawl steeper,take motivation from the Jack the ripper
Find a scarier trend you troll the figures
Leave the footsteps for em to crack the puzzle
Rhyme to a liar friend,you brawl with that nigga to be an admirer of your skill dawg
Rigor in operation taught my institution
You can use that to trigger even Steve Roger captain my plans are bigger so are you gonna be my cover coz I never carry my armour nor give a damn to my health nor to my liver
So I prefer to give her the pleasure,never love her or another lazy ass rub her and suffer in a blackout hell or nuclear drop on your whole acre
Rape ya eagerness to sleep when ya on fever ya rest either get your gear on or give up later I’m a yes
Man I’mma be a more energetic contestant cramp up my left leg now and then test my temp it’s 104 degree hundred percent smell my athletic maniac scent from my 10 kilometer sprint posted instantly on instagram men I meant why slow down life span ain’t getting longer neither I’m Peter Pan keep movin your thang pitter-patter ain’t no alarm click-clack this that riff-raff plot an evil plan when I’m on a trip you trap you deserve a dick slap when I ain’t with my bike I’m stuck in a gridlock who’s honking tick tack time to type another sick rap tit for a tat
My landlord’s a freak crapped you can’t pet a big cat fucking bitch lick his sticky ass lickass get this motherfucker zip locked, throw him out in a deep sack full of creeps stocked and then you eat some shit stacked
Respect that girl who’s sad,Listen to her chit chat to get into her ripped pant, expect that.
She’s gotta dig that ? Have no fucking thing for you girl you know that rap ? Earn each respect from zero to one I’ll give you a quick clap,you want that ? why’d come to work with a shoe worse than a fucking flip flop
Tip top yup a classic rap true to each word who’s got a massive wasp
Sting that manic rat crew of that bitch ward lose that drastic gasp
Kickback a panicked heart through that speech slurred who thought a passive can snap
Pizzazz like a Sonic blast flew past that stitched scar who’s with Adkin scot in a rapid spar
Sun is stupid so is your lucky star where can I find some internal peace than a war
You can get me barred, flip me hard for a 100 yard away from your infernal piece of Ra
I’m ok with that crap Searched a lot for ya and a word ending with a R couldn’t find so I dissed you God
What ? You sent that big black crow to my cracked window to scare the crap outta my life,are ya pissed Lord
Let’s just say Sir Sagz likes to take a long walk when he’s dealing a top business with the life on the spot ya take a ride back to back with a ripped workout where he’s at
No fucks given to that fat yeah he is a sports maniac
His biggest fear is to listen to a bitch rap at him to settle down fast missin this kinda of unrevealed zap
Alright I’mma rap another verse running out of words that rhyme with lack
Whacked this motherfreaking poem to it’s lowest then got a cat and named her snowy
I’m just a raging gullible poet
Stronger than the bonds of a benzene molecule you know it
A life with no adventure is like an engine with no fuel so hollow shit, risking like Hollywood shows it,Never watch Bollywood movies coz they lack wit
Can I quit ? Never then Who gon’ break it who gon’ take it Wreck it mess it
Come out of this lazy life and correct shit
Can’t stand straight amidst these fucking bullshit ?
Take 10mg of duraplus and erect this cocky majestic bitch you call it struggling shit yeah who ain’t hit
I’m an adventurer, can give you a tip if you can keep
Treat everyday like the end of the week
who dreamt a sleep,I’m asleep with this lil weed
Take a nap on the lap of John seed,don’t even look before I leap
Michael Jai White can’t quit Neither my fucking wrist
Put 50 more pound back at it
Again Climb a peak rhyme a skit fight a bitch light a G
Did I mean Ganja ? Quite a trick, might set you free
Freedom is the currency of m….fuck it nobody is listening to it rushing my vision tryna find this man where he is
The list is as long as a sea is
And this fucking job sucks like a shit rapper with no content in it
Finicky kitty creeped it
Fix it pretty feed me chicken streaked
Lickety split ain’t no benefit since it bit my feet and sticks to it, made her listen to Limp Bizkit disc now she is pissed on that beat fuck love ain’t that risky and sick
She slowed me down a bit fuck how dare she did
Got rid of it I’m carefree freed the cat to its creed
Now I’m back on my path to be spoiled by my need
Get me crack and venture in these painful misdeeds
Meow is gone to its familiar pit
Maybe i’m just scared of this ‘ttachment shit
Power of distance N height where it leads
Shower with the fragrance till every man sees N flees
Cowards with a vagrant shit get nowhere till it feeds
Glower at me constantly drift you feel it in my deeds
The battle inside me geez like being on the kurukshetra field with no shield
Take decisions quick coz this game sicker than you think, can even get you killed
Nigga please pussy showed me lil attitude and teased now she is outta this building ease,this sore outta these knees and get me fixed and freeze coz I know I won’t rest in peace,I’m a motherflipping adventurer with no beef
A big shoutout to all these adventurous Gs resting as seeds.
<Ring Ring>
Holla ? Yo where ya at man,this is the Sir Sagz here
Let’s get into this freaking adventure
-©The Sir Sagz 😉