Money the Bitch

This is the story of a kid,been searching for the meaning of the life we lead
What does he understand, what’s his need
Play all day long,no worries,he’s freed
Sleep whenever he wants
Granny makes him overfeed
Got some real friends in need
Whatever he did,he’s loved instead
But Things got changed real quick
Time played a fucking game indeed
He’s writing this shit 3 in the morning
No-fucking-body’s gonna read
Still Transforming them thoughts into words
While Puffing his last weed
Your greed makes me bleed
The boy’s been through the dark shit
Each story has a twist
Fuck this
Why everything comes with a price,priest
Even you,Tell me the cost of your life whilst
you heal my spirit
It makes me wanna rip my soul apart,strip it ‘n whip it
Convicted,So many conflict and
Strictly scripted
My story so perfect
Get this
In the backyard till you dig your own graveyard, flip in it ‘n quit
Why everybody’s crying for one more digit
Craving fo’ Mo and Mo dough
Ain’t no limit
Ain’t no gimmick,
All metaphoric,go through my lyric
when you get it,come back to me
got a question for it
Where is your dignity
Admit it, since the school they’ve been killing my dreams,stealing my wit
Seen a many Asshole teachers in life
Treated them right
never mistreat
Despite Money is the business here,they’re gonna come ‘n fucking greet
Who’s gotta count it,how much they bid
To see me where I stand now, still I misfit
The lover her mother told her to never meet
This world is filled with
Daddy’s asshole princess bitch
Sixteen years have passed on
Learnt some shit
Got a job,some changed a bit some didn’t
Love that damn purple thing you ain’t gonna split
Unfit old fucks taking credit
Running on trademill tryna lose that guilt
Say what you wanna prick
Still don’t give a fuck to critic
Never gave,ain’t gonna repeat
Built in bullshit-resistant kit
Money doesn’t affect me, Never I cheat
Don’t even beg to God till the veins in my head beat
There it goes so fuck you feminists
You can suck up your own crap N freak
Come at me with your best shot, kid
Ain’t no comparison, I’m hit
With the iceberg sunk down the Titanic
Ain’t no great fiction man but i’m fucking dynamic
Give u whatever I can,still fuck humanity
The devil in me so powerful like an army
Hates every face it sees,respect each martyr
You can’t bring me down gravity
I’m Laxmi can get u out of ur trouble at free
Dreamin’ to be the reason of the smile on your lips
Leave me,tease me if you can fucking freeze me
gotta do whats on my mind,money squeezin
Damn these days bitches whorin
No relationship’s pure anymore,riches scorin
Fuck your ring,Imma dive in
Trouble I see,gotta solve it
Few G in my account,gotta keep it
Yet donating to the Amnesty
My dynasty dies with me
Ain’t no SAGZ can be the one with no opacity
No brutality
Can you beat my high morality
I’mma build my own hood,that screwed my fucking mentality
In reality,Money is the bitch you love
I won’t,God look at my audacity
Freedom is the currency
Of mine,still flying high, energized like a kid
dont fuck with my capacity
If I could buy each a smile and lift the curse pile,leave no room for pity
I would exhaust a mile though it ain’t my duty
Refute me
See only two expressions on my face,ain’t though goofin
smiling or damn freaking sweating
Frequently,my game improving
Coz I live the life so eloquently
Never dreamt of a Bentley
Gently park my Buggatti on my front yard Ettore please,trade with my loyalty
Peep,You will never see me again with a bitch in this shit
I will vanish in a flash, I’m not gon’ creep
Be hell with your world at last, I’m not done,hypocrites
Never broke my word for any rat ass,I’m not wang, fuck yo benefits
No amount can ever play me jackass,I’m not prone to counterfeit
You can Search ‘n go further,find that someone,fucking tricks
The risk mentioned in Bold italic in my list
Hold up Take Every breath I’m fucking pissed
Seeing people sleep in hunger
Smthng’s missed So I dissed
Money is the god they worshipped
Locked in some stone and the lies believed
How painful to see, shameful to be
Caged in human beings fighting to be free
Suffocating k’nomically,standing ‘n front of the mirror at three
And Making criminals with a degree
Nobody’s gotta change the game,ain’t no referee
When I die,donate my money to the animals on the street
Parts of my body to who needs
You gotta Plant me a tree
Nobody knows me, you gonna decide what’s Fucking good for me
What should be blamed on me
Fucking Damn funny
Yeah Yeah I’m on it
Hated human life since I touched the ground
And Started running
Choking myself to sleep,yeah yeah I’m earning
Everyday a new fight in the morning
Storming outta my comfort zone,I’m burning
Ain’t no soldier on the border but I’m burdened
Ain’t no easy way out yeah yeah I’m certain
Wasn’t born gifted so I just went on
Whatever I did pushed my damn limits beyond
Ain’t getting married gotta teach life a lesson
Each line’s a quote I own,wrote em outta my pain in this song
Fucking pigs, what’s fucking wrong
With you, be a little more human would you
She told me Fucking hate you that made me strong
Let the good deeds live on when you gone
Already Chosen to die young
Tag along,spread the word,make it go long
Money ain’t all you will ever want,
If ya got it never fucking flaunt
Some even can’t
Find a roof on the top to get away from the sun
Always on the run,this place and that and on and on
Hear Some desperate girl’s mourn
Looking for love on, tinder losing mind over some moron
When all this shit gon’
End,thing’s unchanged like a stubborn Stone
When I’m rich like Genghis Khan,I’ll just pour the damn things on
Gold and diamond
Push on,keep on and see an obstacle flip the beast mode on
Make someone happy,be a hero,see what you earn
We live in a world
Where life just blinks ‘n we burn
Did you even fucking learn
A kid havin dreams trapped in this bullshit thorn
spittin harsh beat
Has Reached
Point of no return
In a team,you don’t win alone
But Look at him go against Satan
See ya’ll in hell assholes when I’m gone.

– ©Sir Sagz😉