The Truth

It’s the life I’ve been living
The things I’ve been giving
It’s the love I’ve been craving
The pressure I have been spitting
It’s the threshold I have been beating

Why it’s gotta end this way when i’m breathing
On seeing others in pain,I don’t wanna live in
Why’ve you made me so powerless being
Or is it somethin
chosen to be so fuckin
To run away from every possible bloodsuckin
bitch I think
Is there really a heaven,why you never blink
Is it just ‘nother lie been trying to ink
Drinkin some shit to get a fuckin hint
who do I trust when she couldn’t see the real me
behind my maskin
Ain’t begging you at all
To pick me up
would just by myself spring
Seen enough sin
Dying inside,can’t spend another min
Creepin inside my nightmares
Gimme ‘nother chance to be new again
On my own without any fucking training
Dreamin’ to be the champion
Fuck that,on your knees
Beg to Him
Heard many stories,so are my dreams
Don’t know how things work out in this mean world,ventin my spleen
On my rhyme
Hate is what I’m takin in
Processing it clean
Why build a temple for a stone to sit in
Things believed and the shits thrown at Him
Never quit nor freaked,pedalled hard,broke a Rim
Won this bitch,everytime I set out ‘n broke a limb
Own this pitch,every line I wrote,you feel my scream
Never pat my back,neither did my team
Hell of a game,fightin’ hard inside the ring
never took your name,I’m so egoistic fucking insane, won’t listen a thing
Dear lord,why so silent now ? Ring ring
Where you hiding ? I’m bored of these li’l games you been playing
Hide ‘n seek,but who’s really reeling
Drank a Red bull didn’t give me any fuckin wing
I’m a old school,never pulled any string
Why fly high,Made my way like katana swing
Mark my words coz its gonna pinch like ain’t no thang
Dear Lord,Thought you were the one ‘n only perfection
But wherever I go,On seeing destruction
Gotta ask ya this, how’s the view from the top
Is it enough fun
Coz come the sun,I fucking run
Till I bleed from my nose,still I ain’t done
Come the stars,a ton of pressure on my shoulder,fucking push my button
3am it is and I stand before the mirror
This illusion been killing me hon
Where is the truth,can I find em post my mortem
Dear Lord, where you now ? You created this earth n life,then why the hell am I shunned ?
Where do I go,got no mentor,fucking pissed em to create paths of my own N got this bitch some wisdom
Loved one N the lesson made me the king Kong of my kingdom
This shit is proven explicitly in my last rhythm
My theme is so hidden
Feels like talkin shit when I say
I’ll beat life to it’s knee,so fucking strong
Messed with the wrong beast who’s been cursed so fucking long
Got nothing to lose,but blood N sweat,oh my tongue
So fuck tear N this fake motherfucking throng
Raped N killed a beautiful soul
Why couldn’t you save Asifa
Right in front
where were you gone
There ain’t no God ? Maybe not,Just a stone
ya’ll been worshipping to,these people so dumb
My mind’s no fuckin numb
count me out,hell with religion,I’m so fuckin done
Don’t show me your power con
Motherfucker I will touch the sky N jump higher to land on
your fucking brain,smear it all over your ugly face,like a thousand pound Thump
A thunder you can’t handle grump
Light ya up first
Burn you down till ya residue gone
When I’m on my shit I can’t be stopped
Hardly I go home,hard I go hot till my beast is unlocked
I’m loaded with ego N guts you will never see my God
You can’t keep pace with my life li’l homie shut the fuck up
Can’t follow my steps can’t even unfollow me nigga cut the show off
Jealous ass bitch rub your face on my shoes it might get ya off
What kind of living is this,I’m shocked
These cowards been running on psuedo power
Heard em talk
Uneducated fuckin politicians who are never on clock
Dear farmer,Where is your God
Now, you can’t be a fraud, I promised myself a lot,but I’m fucking flawed
Cursed is just another word I’m fucking hurt
The fuck you assholes’ve done to my earth
Donated to the Greenpeace N amnesty
Got a substantial pay cut
Absolutely rot these lickass kissass fuckin sluts
Changed the way everything was meant to be but
Had to learn these fake faces to deal on the spot
Built this shit to shield my reeled life thought
But got Killed in the field coz I didn’t,nod along I fucking fought
Dear soldier, where is your God
Now, can you ever stop
The sacrifices you’ve done for these motherfuckers a fuckin lot
Still I got to jot
Crop my lyric to even a single dot
Still I got a shot to blow yo mind
You better opt
Not to fuck with my game boy coz
I will beat ya ass till ya rest in peace flopped
Never asked for any help,not even to my pop
Ready to go even after a fatal accident bloods dropped
As if I’m the kratos
So If you think you can break me Bitch ? that You cannot
Sound of the crushing bones fuck that I’m the Adkin Scott
Fire ain’t gonna burn me homie I breathe this stuff
Stand with one leg but I’m strong enough to blow the damn SWAT
Principles are not meant to be taught
Schools are shit and this new generation kids are so fucked up
Brainwashed by these fuckin gadgets
In the makin of Bots
Get outta home boy run a mile join a club
Follow the rules but gotta be an outlaw must
Doesn’t matter how much it gonna cost
To be happy and see them smiling,so long my heart’s got the rust
Oh my gosh,how much time I got Doc
Where you now ? Searched a while like a fool N then I gave up
Spend hours on prayer like He is the real juggernaut,Trust
No fucking body gonna save ya when you’re busted
Who’s human enough to put an end to this cult
A lone wolf is never lost
God is an illusion,boy tell me who you gonna believe in when ya get tossed
Dear homeless people who’s your Boss
Where is your God now ? You have crossed
One and half million people still in a rush
The judgement day is on its way,so fucking hush
you Loud trash Get your damn foot off the clutch
Embrace the chaos and hold no grudge
If you came so far without a fucking compliment dont even budge
Sir don’t be stuck
Let them stupid Cupid mock
Me and my bike just hit 70kmph N topped
I’m out of my comfort zone like the black hawk
Live mo’ do mo’ bro, help the poor man don’t be a gawk
Why Hancock,lent a hand to the cop
What does it matter why,where is the Lord
Dear God, I’m the sword
Sharp as a tack, if I gotta cut
Liar and the coward back stabbers and such
BC be nice ’cause
I’ll always be there for ya to cover and crutch
Kill them demons within ya be the God
Top ways to be on your Tod,Dude cut the crap,I have seen angels flying in the dark
You better take the chance
I’m going to hell for sure
But I’ll keep ya a spot On the glorious paradise lot
Kids Sorry for the bad words
Thank you so much,wait for my new track.

– ©Sir Sagz😉