I’m sitting on my sorrows hopin t’morrow goes broke,gives me back all the thorough love back in a row it owes me that been racked and through

Looking at the twinkling stars wishing they could just fucking go
Rinsing all my wrinkling scars like fishing with no betting though
Pushing up my crippling heart why risking life for a junky hoe
Justice for the kindling lad listen to me for some minute mo’

Ninny so from the beginning yo,taught to be nice you know,to and fro from school to home
Skinny bones Jones I’m hungry for aught to be nice and slow, deeply gone from jewel to lone
Teeny Po grows being fucking broke,lost in a fake world nice and dopely shown,dozed self from cool to blown
Many faux fucks froze my burning soul,frosted my whole throne and took away my sword,so they can own my tool and tone

Won’t teach me what to do when I’m fucking locked and low
Smoke breached fast to my room and I kept sleeping shocked and sore
Don’t even reach me when I’m feeling fucking blue knocked without a clue
Soak up these tears too listening to the same sad song fuck I’m chucked and booed

What I’mma do when you full of shit,at 3 am I woke
What I’mma prove everything I try is wrong,you spoke
Faggot drama poked,age of three I’m far ‘way and hoaxed,at war against this motherfucking folk
What you wanna stow my store’s full and closed
The pain is looped,can no longer be a lone wolf
Marijuana and coke,Suffering never ends and I’m out of hope, fucking depressed ain’t no joke
Why the fuck these old fucking cunts would try me to choke,Tell me What a kid can sow,I don’t even know

Can I call you a friend or foe,oh you just another snake in the garden of love
Tryna yell but I’m motherfucking mocked,shattered as fuck,tired of faking to be hard and tough
Been a fail much here I’m stuck,without any luck,no fucking angel is guardian as such
Leaning on the hell door I’m struck with the incredible hulk,why death is slow,fuck I’m scarred and drugged Can a kid even sue that motherfucker I don’t know a lot

Lookin for that fucking love, made it worse than a grimy slut,tried to tie the knot,tied me into knots
Tired as fuck,fired me up my eyes,dry as drought
The heck,I gave up the leverage now bind me a yoke
On my neck,fried me out,I’m average how ? you suck
I’m coughing loud can even see my coffin box
The rope is short so is my temper hush you fuckin jerks
I’m a fucking fool to get in your fantasy game now I’m puffin’ stocks
A to fetch ya pleasure I’m ashamed as fuck I’d been plucking rocks

Your Fucking talks,making my heart stop
kill me please,fucking black ops,I have no back up Rascals Ya’ll been Masked up wrecking my Taj Mahal
No fucking body’s got the time to halt where’s my cut
Dark soul fuck it this is my fault,all alone cry and rot
My bank of,Happiness got a mark up
And I’m bashed up fucking bankrupt
Back in my cell handcuffed
Man,Shut the fuck up,Ask what ?
Clashed with the mascot
Can’t task God coz I dissed Him in my last track

Lack of com’n sense paced me, fucking intense
Taught me this fake face dependent on this race
In case,I try to embrace the base of my pain ‘N tense
And it rains,I don’t get drenched
Look at these fucking chains on my hands
Framed for the crime I didn’t even aim
And I’m fucking blamed
You crossing a fence for cents,hushin’ pretence
Retain in the same shitty drain,fucking restrained
Dear Lord, where are you now ?Still I remain the same

Came to play this lil game when a kid had no dream
Gain a skill ‘N train for a name but she had no theme
Pay the bill to em but they feed no self e’steem
Searching still for a lead as I team,fucking steamed
I’m deemed as fuck fucking things taken to extreme

Back at academy,wrong or right,you gotta tell me
what I write,fucking yell at me,I gotta be fightin’
Lot has saddened me,stronger fright,you gotta sail me what it’s like,fucking scaling me,Lotta might be in Lack of anatomy,song or cite,you gotta tail me
why I might be fuckin derailing,just I’ve been drafting
Marijuana mad at me,long or quick,you gotta train me
fuck I wanna quit this reeling,nah no more rafting
This ain’t the real me

I’m healing,shit couldn’t kill me ‘N I got bored
now I’m strong as fuck, supercharged as Thor
So I go hard ‘N roar,back on the road, hardcore
Yet being Solo,UFO, Gotta Paint my shadow
Stealing colour from the rainbow,coz I don’t borrow
Dealing with ya’ll riled me up,Can’t afford one mo’ foe
Once the light is off,He ain’t gon’ disappear hope
He’s one dope coloured ready fo’ load
Can you kiss my fear,nope then Who would I follow
Everybody got some fucking flaw and hollow
They seen me low,pissed me so yo I’mma blow
Below my ego, your world is,so fucking shallow
Dug pillars deeper,built up my home,got no quarrel
Watered the base with tears full of barrel
Place so large,But no homie to call me pharaoh
The bar is high ‘N the entrance so fucking narrow
Everyone is barred,fucking coward gossip with a liar
‘N here lies the captain Jack Sparrow
Time to override my life’s auto pilot

I leave things can’t be controlled,at all
This life is Outta control,but fuck you all
Ain’t giving up BC been through the hell hole
A self entertaining nigga easy,drop ya ball
Outta corner,Screamin be me,beam me been the skull
Seen me fall now you see me haul my fucking L

Like a jail
I was fucking imprisoned in this thing you won’t think
Bring aspirin if ya ass paining,been aspiring to pairing rings in spring but yo fucking love’s expiring in a blink
My music,used it in sync to lose shit,bitch you stink
Rethink the shit you ink ‘N link it to the itch you dream
Love is a glitch in my scream,snitch in my Team
Can’t even get this mirage out of my scheme

And it seems
Your liar voice sucks and your choice is ugly as fuck
Reality,lost it costs so much but I got the ideal stuff
Motherfuckers jump in out of nowhere tryna bluff
Chip in to my mysery and make me scared ‘n shocked
The old fucks got no job want your head chopped off
Right off the block,but I’m at the fuckin pinnacle spot

Ain’t no lust
Life is giving me pain maybe give it back same
Na lay em some pleasure if I can,coz I’m a giver man
A stressed layman like a pressurized can,can be the incessant rain than being insanely pleasant scent

In the end GOD appears before me and raps at length
Cracked jack take ya past, fast in a lock ‘N backpack
Me :
No I can’t
Blacked heart ache ya ass,blast in a shot ‘N flashback
Me :
Yeah I rant
Wrapped hack fake ya pact,ash in a pot ‘N backtrack
Me :
That I want
Trap track make ya rapt,mass in a dot fuckin abstract
Me :
Yeah I got that.
Fuck it,this is The Sir Sagz
I was shattered as fuck,now my words at combat.
– © TheSirSagz
– © BC Be Nice