Must be an S thing

Take you through the real thing…the S thing.The Sir Sagz bear the ring

perfect timing..nigga sing.See me flow..

Sum me up summer,hum it up hummer
Numb it shut number,wind it up wonder
Undercover,does it even matter,I got the real zinger
Endangered,no stinger like me must be a hot thinger
Sprinkle some of my blessings on these people
Signal,chum of my supremes for ya easy sequel
Tripple,love for any being learn to breathe simple
Guess my sins be crippled
Purple’s the colour dishonored hear my MTB tracked this year niggas wanna be my peer outta fear
Fo’ ya’ll the skull of this horror disappeared from my 3TB HDD dear diggers dig up my field,shout a cheer
Verbal hollers in this corner caused a sheer entity tip, reared,up figure out the thinger he is here loud ‘n clear
Hurdle’s the turtle least tortured,tub full of tear but A TAP ‘dhered to the deeper layer,ya,all ’bout an ‘ngineer
Seared on my mere,memory tier
Since I steered my life,sincere
To the fuck bear till the ER
Coz you copied me and yo gear
Failed ya fell aint no near this sphere
Yeah the real thinger is a big deal
My career as an engineer like a bottle of beer
Premier life with the smile I wear
Yeah name me the fucking pioneer
So you Keep it real,Brother
Go you deep,spit on em faces seal it
Low dope beat,my words will lit,Get em,smothered G
Mo’ scoped skit,my chorus be hit,Yet no pother shit
My score be quick,in the game I’m fit,you can trick
You be the Robin,rob me,been the batman,in my team
Ain’t tryna motivate ya in,when Imma do,you better fuckin lean,built in beast,ragin teen
Amazingly venting my spleen
Everything I do devil,lets me win,made me next to kin
Ain’t here for the tin you be mean seen many in scene
Nice as Slim,fucking bad words flying in my theme
BC BE NICE be the beauty to a blind,diss ya scream
See these species in my film,Be real as Tupac’s skin
Been the music to a deaf’s hearin,keen since eighteen
Still waiting for the my dream to live in the world I ink
Blinked at my dawg,pair ya thug bud,sinking in flood
Drinks for my dog,care fo’ ya hug mud,stinking ya fur
Think for my fog,share my blog God,printing my log
Shrink my pub,still dare I slog Lord,splitting my job
All over the globe,I may not be the real fucking snob
I Never bleed nonsense,nonetheless,stressed as lace
Favourite face,at the expense of rage,makes me race
Dense,till I mess my head ‘n place some newest,case
My bike takes the chase,black ‘n white states,its ace
If I can trace back to the base of these crazy traits
Grace ya,life’s got em baits fuck that,change ya fates
Mates I’ll be here,breakin gates for ya sakes fuck hate
Aids the Sir Sagz,wrecks the fakes,all hail my aches
Get em a jet,take em to the set of new great days
Met then a net of snakes,bet em a few ate em eggs
Let em a fret of mistakes shape em,due date grades
Yes I rep em the best escape,never too late babes
Sharp as a blade,cut like a thread,merge like the dead
When the game is on my friend,ain’t gonna buzz a leg
Rap like NWA,Em Tupac ‘n dre then,charge like Wade
When the shame on my pen,Ima torch em pagan men
Crap on what great men said I’m,makin my own trend
Hand made slate full of quotes I laid,as a Kid ya said
Nw I’m independent ‘n paid,let indecent heads fade
In the end,baes bay for k ‘n betray,pray I’m ‘Kay
Since then hate every human being tried to evade em still helped many men ‘n women coz I’m a giver,man
Sketch a five second plan,never be ready to cry ‘n digest ’em scam
Stretch ya life lesson learned,favor be steady invest in mother Earth fam
Rest ya strike demon’s warned,I’m a beaver invading time will shine in the finest land
Best ya sight the Freeman’s born,Trevor be leading my grind,yet my clan to come
Fucking hard to outrun he’s hard,outta own,is tarred
Must be smart,coz Sir can’t be outdone fuck a pride
Busting cha bar he be a fucking outlaw 2 rock bizzare
Lost in a spar she be judging me loud long cop me na
Yeah I’m the judge in ya world,turn me on
Man drop me,I’m high ‘n hot you be the sky when I fly
Motherfucker act shy in eye but I know ya rat ‘n playa’
Otha’ suckers,bark louda’ ‘n boo ya sue ya when I open my book,boom yeah
Gimme the votes men make me the fucking mayor
Brotha stop fo my idea
Lets make a new era TV may air
Under my care,Cover up bare niggas coz when I stare
Will burn ya fair ‘n square but everybody may err
when I ask ya to dare my vision,coz reality’s there
I can’t love these Smoky niggas no more
quit my pursuit ?thats a No No. build my own hood,oh
No need to,like me fool you worship me too
Like to God you do
Never listen to,negative people like parents,cook you
Takes a thing or two,to stand against shits bake you
Why’d ya make your kids fake bitch,your lesson due

You pacing through,now yo late for my lecture so you got no clue,out you go,I’m here to change the world,True,walk in my shoe,I’ll shoot you out your fake look

Make you my crew,None can’t be my boo,bitch shooo
I’m making my troop,if you staying,gotta follow my rule
Took a lotta crap for these niggas,where they at,Still I’m blamed like that clapped a lot fo’ your top heroic act now,watch my chart
I respect that
Shook the universe placed on map,demon be gone begun my shot,slap ya tact,my flow’s sick,that a fact
Expect a diss rap
Hook my thought,started from scratch,bare hands don’t even match,where my friends at, squared up at black mart
Exchange ya fist or words bitch,why you yap
Fruitless effort scraps the jam outta life ‘n traps leaves no perks shout at like sharks,chasing ya slow yatch to snatch ya Soul like tax
Nigga what’s that ?my stat is,stark jacks
Still I’m simple as fucks cunning like a fox,if ya cunts
What up bloods,be a real man aint no bitch want,who can kill one to feel my Gyan
On some level you even cant,climb without my piece of arm or peace of mind
Ease of grind,seize the chance bitch,ya kneel ‘n dance
Peel a skank then steal his thang each of ya nil,dang
Be mean to a sea lion in the sea of fame,see insane
She can’t tame me,I’m on my mission,ain’t no game
Crossed miles of road on bare foot, from lane to lane
Be patient see what I do,my plan’s shared afoot
If you asking me what I do for fun if you knew
Baby I renew it,that’s on and on like a mother** flue
Strenuous as fuck,never be rude,fake bitches be glue
Who can fool me,I’m cool even when I’m passed out by the pool
outgrew the room,you threw me in
Fuck I’m out now and new
So I’m making my track,the Unrespectables,be you
As I walk,you,through the mental pictures I drew
Clear as crystal not even a hue,you can get me sued
For the language I use,these kids deserve the truth
Ooze the real stuff,books won’t teach you at school
Few a’holes need to bid adieu,help a nigga,ya should
Bitch be shit in ya hood but give her a hand too
If she needs you but Im a real nigga,keep your thanks
Fuck your gratitude,It’s in my nature,my attitude
Mother******* rest them ass on the same latitude
The same place they screw,ya can’t fuck wd my mood
No make up on my face,I’m a silent Hunter looking for food,when I take off niggas be screamin in the woods
So suit up bitch look up,how I ignore your presence listening to Tupac
Would have been on crack but made all the way back I’m a different person Now,I’m glad,thanks to Pac
I listened to gangsta rap,some fantastic craft
That gonna last
A youngster snaps,bring my xanax it’s over,prankster
See a menace,once you called him a scared
Text me fast,the answer to where you at
Monster clutch bitch beware thought,you knew that
I am the glock,boom boom pow and a new smack !
Can’t be out uh,without a fight
Some might think life is whack
Fuck your opinion bitch nigga,my words spread like that,epidemic disease there ain’t no shot
No cure it gonna make you sick a wrack break your bricks ‘n wall,leave you without a shack
So go hard,fuck being a polite asshole
Bitch watch my bar
I’m the top dog among these underdogs
Respect comes with a price
Earn it baby if you got guts,fill up these swear jars
If to err is human god,be by my side I give ya large
I’m a superhuman beam my mistakes that’s my pride
Lust inside,life so fucking disgusting down ‘n upside lost in sight,its a carpet you,walk on and stab behind
Tossed in light,it’s a casket broken yo,shine ‘n chime
Life on line,it’s a cassette play it on,take some time
It can’t heal my mind,like the Scarlett,seen the crime,Still we act blind,in the end we all sleep on our spine,whether dark or bright,its the game of life
So I write,got a second,one more word to type
I can rap if yo like,it’s a battle so I fight,gimme the mic
Lemme pretend you nice, otherwise you move aside
Must be an S thing coz I psych you to be a lil wise
These damn rhymes be hyping in my next divine hypen sign of the Jesus Christ