Global Warning

Warning : The below article might hurt your parents, your grandparents, your kids,your house, your garden, your money, your fucking gf,your tree-plantation-mission, your fucking office and your fucking vehicles . Read at your own risk,bitch.

Save water ! Plant trees ! Don’t use plastic ! I saw some girl’s whatsApp story after I got up this morning. I get fucking angry whenever I see these annoying posts. I mean who the fuck are you to order me to plant trees and save water,bitch ? Ok,I’m sorry, you are requesting,but who the fuck are you to request me ? What a horrible guy I am ? Right ? Fuck you. Untill unless something goes wrong or something goes violently fucked up, people won’t tell each other the right thing to do. Why the fuck they wanna take safety precautions now ? Where were they when everything was fine, Temperature was tolerable and no fucking glacier was melting down ? Nobody said a thing that we should be saving water or planting a tree. Now they fucked a lot of bitches,spread their fucking lavish family and made a dozen of fucking kids who are gonna grown up and fuck another dozen of bitches and each nigga is gonna make another dozen of fucking kids and this fucking process will keep going.

Now let me explain why I am being a big Martian dick about saving water or planting a tree on earth. Isn’t this fucking huge population the whole reason for this global warming ? It fucking is. I explained you how these fucking people are fucking each other like horny rats and making kids. Making a kid and sacrificing your bullshit love and shit is great. I agree. You are contributing to the society. It’s all cool. I cannot do that and I will not do that. But You are doing it, you are amazing. I agree again. Now let me ask you, how many more people can really be on this earth ? Don’t you think it’s enough already ? Maybe not impregnate a bitch and add some more people ? 7.8 billion fucking people are already fucking around and causing this temperature rise and making their own life hell. Now they are planning to move to some other planet so they can ruin that too. Fucking parents are not getting satisfied with one child anymore. Because my baby will get lonely. Assholes, you are already a fucking failed Parent, now you are making more and more kids who will suffer their entire life for you. You will be fucking dead in a few years but your kids will get to see the fucking hot weather that’s gonna come, maybe some glacier will fall on their fucking dicks. I think the god has asked human kind to have a child to carry forward the family, as per the sacred books but I don’t think He saw so far into the future. We are fucking burning ourselves now. Maybe your GOD was wrong.

If you love kids so much,why are you not adopting a fucking child who is left alone by his/her motherfucking parents ? Because you are fucking selfish ? I’m not doing it because I’m not qualified to parent a child. Also I’m a fucking asshole. What about you ? Your fucking parents will not approve ? You do not want to adopt someone else’s child ? But when you fuck a single mother, you accept her fucking kid. Why is it different ? Because you did not get to fuck the mother of the orphaned kid ? A lot of women are nice and kind when it comes to accepting someone else’s child, I know they would love to adopt a child and give him/her a beautiful life. But what would the motherfucking family and the society would say about this ? Right, is this the reason ? Or you just want your own blood running through the family ? Right.

If the population is the whole reason for the global warming, why the fuck would I save water or plant a fucking tree so some assholes can breathe peacefully in the future. Bitch, I will be dead in 10-15 years, maybe in 20 years,max and I wanna see your suffer. Why are we trying to do things to save assholes rather than saving the earth that gives you life ? Why there is no control over population ? Why the fuck these poor people are allowed to make a child ? They can’t afford to give the child anything, then why are they fucking suffocating someone’s life and making them die in poverty ? Why are the ones,who are not contributing anything to the universe, allowed to breathe ?

You are not seeing the big picture. You are fucking selfish. You are making this world unsafe and unhealthy for your own kids. Also, you are bringing your own kids to a unhealthy world. No one is gonna listen or understand the shit I have been trying to explain untill another fucking disaster comes and kills their fucking family members. I don’t think still you will understand the shit. As an educated human being, I think you know the process how this global warming thing is putting his dick in your ass. Your fucking car, that you use to ride around in the middle of the night with drunk bitches inside, is gonna run over you slowly. But you don’t know that because you don’t see the big picture.

Forget everything, answer me this, tell me any problem,no matter how small or big it is, isn’t it linked to the huge population somehow ? You can’t get a hard dick, linked to huge population. You are fucking lonely, same reason. You are fucked up in a relationship, same reason. You are poor, you are rich, you have cancer, your have STD, you have 12 hours of working a day, you have a fucking gay ass ugly manager, you got a fucking fake friend, your grandfather touches you at night, name any problem, it’s all because of this huge population. Instead of asking me to save water, maybe bitch don’t make a child and adopt one or kill thousands of people for no reason. I feel like the terrorists are not really killing people, they are actually saving the other people who they are not killing. After all, that’s what they say in the end, it’s all Allah’s will.

– The Sir Sagz


How much for your company ?

Warning : The below article might hurt your fucking friends,their feelings,your colleagues, your parents, your bf/gf, your husband/wife and your children. Read at your own risk,bitch.

I’m gonna tell you something some people know buy they don’t tell you. Little bit about the author,age: 26 years old, experience : 18 years of loneliness, talent : self entertaining. Alright, now a lot more about the author : he fucking hates you. Well that sums up a lot. I do not like you, I will never do. You can give me your heart, for transplantation, not for your so called bullshit love, still I will fucking hate you. But I will do something equivalent to return the favour. But bitch, still I will hate you. I don’t know why but I have brainwashed myself to hate everyone. But I will help you. I will give you anything I can and I will help you anyway I can. But sorry, the likeness can never happen. You are not worthy of it.

The real reason I do not like anyone is that I have seen the fucking ugly reality of people in movies and TV series. Now I don’t wanna be with anyone, I don’t wanna have friends, I don’t wanna get married. In short, I wanna be a monk. Does that mean I don’t need company of another person in my whole life ? Can you survive without someone’s company in this world ? Definitely not. I can’t survive alone. I don’t even have a good connection with the family. That is scary. Is that why God sent Eve for Adam ? So they can have some company, without which they will just fucking masturbate and die ? OMG, am I just gonna gonna masturbate and die ? Definitely yes. Let me change the statement, is it worth it having a partner or friend ? Is it worth it dealing with their bullshit things so you can have someone in your life, to fuck or to have a family ? Yes. Feels like as long as I’m not mentally broken or physically sick, I will not need another person. Then I know I will be fine in a day or two. It’s really hard for me to adjust to someone’s disgusting behaviour. You can’t order someone not to do something that irritates you. If you request them,bitches won’t even listen. I don’t know how people can get married to someone and post a pic saying,“he is not perfect,but together we are perfect, or marriage is not about finding the perfect person and blah blah blah fucking chessy disgusting words.” Lots of women’s brain and thinking are just pure disgusting. So is that what marriage means ? Buying someone’s company for a long time,till divorce,without actually paying ? Oh I think people actually pay for the marriage after they get married. Kind of like, postpaid service. Obviously someone will get bored of you,after they fuck you for a year and get bored of the sex. Usually they divorce because they are not perfect for each other. I believe this perfect person exists. It’s not a fucking myth. You just get married because you cannot find them and your self-esteem goes down each day and girls get ugly after 25.

Now I think if I had friends, I would never do the things I’m doing now. I will definitely not write this fucking blog. I will be smoking weed and drinking strong beer and hanging out with my fucking friends and be checking out fucking bitches. Is it worth having such company ? Also it’s not worth it having boring friends who don’t get out of home. I would definitely not be lonely if I have a lot of friends. Hold that thought. I have seen a lot of bitches on tinder,bitches who have linked their Instagram to tinder, and In their Instagram you can see them hanging out with a lot of niggas, then why are they on tinder ? To get fucked or they are just lonely inside ? Probably to suck a dick or 9. I know a few girls on Instagram. They keep posting these sad annoying post about love,break up,life,pain and stuff. Are they lonely inside ? If you are a girl, there is a very less chance of being lonely. I mean if you are a girl, you can just put “I’m lonely inside.Need company” on your Instagram story, I bet you will get responses for a week at least,even if your story has expired. Doesn’t matter how you look. These fucking gay self-esteem-less niggas be texting you whole day,“baby, are you lonely still ?” If you are a guy and you post the same thing, You will be fucking mocked, virtually kicked and slapped, even some people will report your ass on Instagram. Why is it like this ? Why is it so hard to find someone who can just listen to you ? I bet your fucking parents have no idea what’s going on with you. They will never know how fucking lonely you are inside ? We don’t tell them. Why ? Coz you are a fucking grown up now,find a girl for yourself. You are not a fucking child who will crawl into your mother’s lap because you are fucking lonely. They don’t know the pain we go through and they fucking think,yeah my son has a job and successful so the fuck he needs anything now. He is fucking happy. We are men. We are expected to be fucking strong. On our own. We are expected to have no feelings or loneliness inside. Otherwise you are not a man, you are a fucking pussy. Fucking society. Fuck, now I think I should make an article on “Men don’t cry.” Drafted.

18 years of loneliness. I’m not complaining. I feel fucking proud. This is the reason I don’t wanna get married. Bitch if I can be alone and happy, why the fuck would I need you ? To listen to your fucking back-yapping ? Yap to your lesbian friends. I grew up with myself. I learnt myself. I learnt my weakness and my fucking strength. Made myself a fucking beast. All the credits go to all the bitches out there. My body and my mind, they just fucking love each other now and I know they will not allow a third person to be with my body or my mind. I have a friend who is married,same age as mine,she has got two kids and a fucking asshole husband. How lonely her life could be ? Whose fault is it now ? Imagine being married to someone who doesn’t even like you and hurts you. Now she can’t get out of that trap called marriage so easily as I think. She loved that guy and probably that guy loved her too. But as I have already told you, love never lasts, even the GOD will stop loving his own creation,the human beings, one day. Do you really need another person to fill in your loneliness vessel ? Sometimes I feel so lonely, and I feel like I wish I had someone just to give me a hug and be mine, then I bought a big pillow,hugged and masturbated and I was good to go. I was talking to my lawyer friend,whose brother and her brother’s gf split up almost after 10-12 years. I was really surprised. How can you split up with someone after 10 years ? It’s like separating your body and mind. I bet if you are with someone for a long time, then there is a chance that the person you are with, is more likely to know you even more than you know yourself. Maybe I’m wrong. But this feels right.

I can be wrong again. I have never felt the true love. Love heals everything. It’s so true. Then technology came and ruined everything. Your girl be loving you truly and then some nigga sends her a big dick picture. Not necessarily a dick picture, maybe he is better than you at everything. Now you are gonna lose your bitch in a few months. Coz one night you offend her verbally and she is with the big dick nigga because the big dick nigga hasn’t offended her yet. The chain goes on. I lost trust and interest from making a new friend or getting a gf. Now who can you call a loyal friend ? Everyone lies. Even your fucking kids are gonna lie to your fucking face one day. Get ready to bear the pain when they lie to you for someone they know for 2 weeks. Even your parents lie to you, you just don’t know that. Being a human being is not as easy as it seems.

Let’s talk about prostitutes,the ones who do real sex for money. Not the ones who lick someone’s ass at work to get money. I’m starting to think, when I will grow older, I will pay some prostitute just to come to my home and listen to me talk. No fucking or anything. Is it ok if I pay someone to be my friend for a while ? Will they be honest if they get paid ? Money may not buy love. But can it buy company ? What about the friendship with objects ? Like your car, your bike or something that you really care. Do they fight against our loneliness ? Maybe they do a little bit. Have you even seen a perfect couple ? If you see, tell them to give me a call. Do your friends know you are fucking broken inside ? Do they even care ? I know a lot of bitches don’t share their pain with anyone. Showing off, being strong. Some genuinely don’t share because they think these fucking fuck-seekers won’t even really care. They are not wrong. I chose to be alone. I cannot be in a relationship. Even if I want to be. Unless you are a fucking perfect girl. Sometimes you are so alone because you are ugly. Just being honest. Have you seen any ugly person having a relationship and all ? Maybe you have a disgusting personality, bitches don’t like that. They want someone nice looking and very good at flirting and fucking. This is how it always has been. I have seen ugly bitches chasing after nice looking assholes and also nice looking bitches with ugly ass guys. I mean rich guy. Nothing is right anymore. It’s like everyone is using fucking cheat codes in the game of life. Only the innocent ones get killed. Wish I could pay someone to be the person I want for sometime. The word “beautiful” has lost its meaning for me.

How much for your company, ma’am ?

– The Sir Sagz

Don’t tell me what to wear

Warning : The below article might hurt your clothes,their feelings, your dressing sense,your fucking culture,your mentality and your children’s feelings. Read at your own risk,bitch.

The content is for Indians. I don’t know about other countries. Buy me a window seat flight ticket, so I can come and live in your country for a few days to understand the things there and then write about it.

First of all, to all those girls who shout that no one can tell them what to wear. The truth is people actually tell them what not to wear and also I don’t think a lot of people really have any idea regarding female clothing so they may not be able to tell you what to wear.

Now let’s continue. Please call the feminists, SWAT, firemen, doctors, lawyers and your fathers because there is gonna be some explosion here. This is some topic you can’t just argue enough. I was talking to a friend about it and we just kept making each other’s point invalid and then we stopped. Realised there is no valid point to argue on it. It’s such a stupid topic to talk about. Who are these people who tell how to dress. Lol.The only people who ever told me what to wear, are my school principal,my college principal and my company HR. No bitch or nigga raised any question, just followed the fucking rules like a flock of fucking sheeps. I don’t though, I wear jeans at work. Now some invalid asshole says to a girl that she can’t wear this and that, everyone loses their fucking mind. What kind of fucking dumb people are these ? Even what kind of people are these who write about it ? So are you saying, you will listen to your fucking old nasty principal and to your fucking lesbian HR,who do not give a shit about you and follow your dressing protocol,whereas you won’t listen to someone who cares and loves you ? I rest my case,thank you lawyers for coming on such a short notice in a rainy day.

Just kidding,Let’s go back to the past when everyone was naked. I think people had a great time back then. Nobody was telling anyone what to wear. The kids were having a great time for sure. I mean they probably never had to do any hard work to look at the naked girls. They will never understand our struggle. They just had to open their eyes and there they are. Fuck I envy them. Again if they get caught while looking at naked girls, do they really have to give an explanation ?These days, If you get caught while watching porn, you have to make a report for the explanation. If anyone who is from the naked era, was still alive, he would be so fucking pissed off that some fucker invented clothes and stuff. Anyway,I’m so glad women discovered this fashion thing. I strongly believe girls will be roaming around naked once again,in the future. Life will be a lot easier again.With the fashion thing rising like a dick, I bet they will be hanging out on the side of a road, wearing some clothes on their nipples while eating hamburger.

Can anyone really tell/order someone what to wear and what not to wear ? If any guy ever tells any girl what not to wear,then she is probably his gf/sister. Can’t be his mother. Can’t be wife either. He is not gonna ask any other girl that because yeah, we like to watch things. There is no I in WE. And the reason a guy can ask his gf or sister not to wear a revealing dress, is that he doesn’t want them to be watched by perverts the same way he commits perversion. People complain that girls wearing revealing clothes, is the reason why there are so many sexual assaults. There was a recent study in UK where 55 percent people out of 1100, said that revealing clothes is the reason for sexual assaults against women.

What kind of world do we live in ? Why these motherfucking people have to fuck someone who is exposing something sexual. Why can’t you just watch and enjoy ? Be nice to bitches, they will let you fuck them for free without a rape charge. Fucking stupid people. Females also mention that it is never about the clothes why there is so many sex offenders. True, a fucking cloth has nothing to do with it. Those are the motherfucking people who need their dicks cut off and fed to themselves,without cooking the dicks with masala and stuff. Some girls be saying this and I quote,”Don’t tell me what to wear,teach your son how to behave.” Really ? I can blame the parents totally. But trust me, these days kids are fucking assholes and will be even better assholes even if you teach them nice behaviour things and stuff because they learn a lot more from TV. So instead of blaming the parents,they are all illiterate at parenting, blame your motherfucking exposing actresses and whoever makes these ugly semi-fucking scenes in movies. We have porn for a reason, why show some bitch getting pseudo-fucked by a nigga in a nice movie ? Ughh,women.

The point is Girls want attention, to be honest they want attention from boys, girls, men, women, old men, old women, dogs, cats, monkeys and most importantly infants(new born babies). That’s why they keep hugging babies,dogs and cats. They can’t hug the boys,men and old men. So they use their outfit. I think this is the whole reason behind this fashion thing. They will be fighting with each other in fashion offices over who got how much attention. This will lead to nudity. Hallelujah !!!

What if you are in a relationship and the guy says that you cannot wear sexy clothes outside. Are you gonna dump him ? My lawyer friend was arguing with me on this topic. Her point is that it’s her body,it’s her money, so she will wear whatever the fuck feels comfortable to her. Her bf or husband doesn’t own her. So they can’t be dictating her what to wear. She wanted my view. There is a difference between dictating and requesting. You know already you can’t just argue enough with me. My point is as long as you are single it’s your decision. Once you are committed to someone, I think it’s a mutual decision. Maybe not. Relationship is fucking confusing. That’s why you should be single. Kidding. Get in a relationship and get fucked up. Anyway, why do girls want guys to be wearing a fucking suit,if they are going out somewhere and they be wearing things I don’t even know what those are called. And when you ask them, they will tell you that a guy in suit is very sexy. WTF. Why ? So is it like,if a guy is not exposing he is sexy and if a girl is exposing she is sexy ? I guess this is different to each person. A girl on tinder was telling me and I quote,” why do you have a shirtless picture in here. It’s disgusting.” Seriously sister ? Strike that. Seriously bitch ? Why the fuck do you have a picture in a bra with your fucking nasty armpits,smelling like shit ? I reported her,”bad offline behaviour”

I really don’t care what you wear. It won’t even bother me if you walk around naked or just lie down in the potholes while it’s raining. Just don’t get in my face. What a boring guy I am. Maybe if two naked girls start wrestling in mud, I can be their referee. I find human body very disgusting. I do not like watching fat girl’s disgusting fat legs,fat thigh, asymmetrical ass and boobs, even their fat cheeks. Maybe I am different. That’s why I watch naked girls only in porn. I have respect for them. They are worthy of exposing their body.

I know some girls wear some sexy clothes because it feels comfortable to them and they genuinely do not want attention or anything in return. I know how comforting it is, being nude. I’m always naked at home. My friend goes shopping to buy clothes to wear at home. Lol. Sometimes I think People should have so much fur like a cat, then they all will be cute and cuddly. World will be a better place. Now a days, everyone is removing their body hair. Flock of sheeps. Didn’t I tell ya ? I have no dressing sense. There are only two types of clothes for me. Jean Pant and shirt. I like being an old school guy. Now if my bitch is gonna tell me what to wear, I can tell her what not to wear. Shut the fuck up now.

I really don’t think anyone should be telling anyone what to wear. It’s your own fucking responsibility to know what to wear. If you are fucking stupid then May GOD give you wisdom. Don’t ruin the fucking kids mentality. Eight year old kids are watching porn already. Also think twice before hugging a kid. That is not a pinky finger anymore.

-The Sir Sagz

2 Mississippi,3… I’m in love

Warning : The below article might hurt your fucking feelings, your heart,your fucking culture and your fucking definition of love. I can be totally wrong,if you are right, come to the war against me and state your point. Read at your own risk,bitch.

A few months ago, I was interviewing myself. You heard it right. You know nobody gives a shit to an ordinary person. That’s why we get a family and it’s the most important thing in the world. Not to all though.While interviewing myself, I realised how many weird questions can come to my mind. For example, what is love ? I read so many things online,trying to find the accurate definition. In the end, I agreed that the definition will be different for each individual. The meaning of love for a single mother is definitely different than a hooker’s definition of love. Amazing example and comparison. Some love money, some love fucking bitches, some love what they are doing. But is it really love ? I was talking to a friend who never has been in love and she is 29. On the other hand, I have been in love a few times. So it was like, she is a kid talking to her naughty sexy grandpa. We were talking on what Love is and “Love at first sight.” It’s a fucking myth though.

Wait, still not clear what love actually is. Can sacrificing everything for someone you care, be called love ? What if you don’t sacrifice, can you still love ? If you do whatever it takes to bring a smile on someone’s face, can it be called love ? Providing everything to your kid whatever the fuck he/she needs, is it love ? For a mother it’s different I guess. They really don’t have a choice. Whatever comes out of their thing, they will love it. Does this mean, if you get something or someone after a lot of trouble and pain, you are bound to love that thing or person. So, is this called love ? You have to go through unbearable pain to get love ? No pain, No love ? Usually the pain comes after we fall in love. Doesn’t it ?Accepting her all past mistakes and making her happy and giving her a new meaning to life, this can be called love ? Confusing as fuck. We just see someone we like, then we think we love the person because they look nice to our eyes ? You need to know your own worth before letting someone play with it. Again, is it worthy for a guy to do every shit for a bitch his whole life, so she can fall in love with him ?

It’s really easy to fall in love. At least it was so easy for me in the past. Now shit has changed. Getting out of a loving relationship is such a motherfucking pain in the heart. Easy to fall and hard to get out. This is interesting. I have seen many pretty faces, some hot bodies and also some pretty faces with hot bodies. Sometimes I don’t even like a pretty-face-with-hot-body girl. Sometimes I just melt for an innocent looking simple girl. I judge each and everyone I see. Only in my mind. I don’t know why but it gives me happiness. It’s fun, isn’t it ? I’m self entertaining like a cat. If I remind myself my past, I will fucking slap my fucking past face thousand times and then I will drink an energy drink and slap even harder. How fucking stupid I was, some girl says Hi, and I’m in deep true love. Maybe at some point of time in the past of our lives, we were stupid. Maybe our belief system was not even installed. No anti-pain add-on was installed. We just let whoever the fuck can, hurt ourselves. We believed every little fucking dream we were told. Living in a small house in an island. Watching the small stars while lying under the big sky. Walking on the beach holding our hands together. The fuck happened ? Bitch we didn’t even last a year. Maybe we just wanted to believe those lies because they made us happy. Is this what love is ? Makes us believe the lies we already know.

One of my friends was saying that I judge girls based on their looks. Of course I do. It’s called reading a face for your information. I’m good at it. I can read your face and tell you when you will die. If you are curious to know when you will die, the answer is someday soon. So go fall in love, get broken, murder someone or squeeze someone’s ball in Mumbai local train. Do we really fall in love considering how someone looks ? Might not be. Could be an attraction. Could be that you got a dick in place of your heart. For females, it’s like they know some asshole is gonna fall for them anyway as they have got the magic thing. Oh and more than 90% girls fall in love only with the look. Smart ones fall for a rich fool. Prove me wrong. The rest 10% are either not good looking or they are so fucking heart broken that they just want someone to love them. OMG I’m an ugly girl then. So, the girls out of 90% run after look and money,get fucked up and become one of those 10% girls. Maybe after a few times of getting fucked up. We learn after we make a mistake. Some mistakes can ruin your life. You should always know the impact of the mistake before doing it. Line stolen from the movie Mission impossible : 7 The Sir Sagz

Can a boy and a girl be best friends ? People say,a boy and a girl can’t be friends. That’s some bullshit theory. They can be friends if one of them is ugly. Just being disrespectfully reasonable. If both are ugly, then they can’t be friends. So is this how love starts ? You have to be a friend first ? Maybe if you are friends at first, there is a less chance of getting fucked up when you are together. Again what should be the duration of that friendship ? Also you can get friendzoned. Really ? Is that a real thing ? Maybe those guys are gay. I mean come on, try and friendzone me, if you succeed I will be your brown slave forever. Also as per the Chinese porn movie I was talking about in the earlier post, that guy said having a best friend in your partner is more important than anything else. Now I’m fucking 26, who the fuck will become my friend now ? Does this mean when you get older you are less likely to be loved ? If I make a friend now,bitch will get married in a year probably. Also after so many years of dragging your body and mind out of the bed alone every morning, your attitude towards everything kind of changes. Our eyes don’t see the world the way once we dreamed. Everyone looks like a fucking asshole to us Or does this work on me only ? She could be the most amazing,caring and loving girl,but my eyes will be seeing another fucking bitch who is capable of stabbing my heart. But my eyes might not see the knife, because I have not offered her yet.

Pornstars are having love in their life. Some are getting married also. I mean how ? It’s something I will never understand. And I’m here looking for a virgin girl. What does love mean to a pornstar ? Does it mean their love is pure and better than everyone else’s ? Can love be compared ? Is there a method to measure someone’s love ? Do you ever just sit and think, am I worthy of being loved ? How long does it take to fall in love ? 2 Mississippi ? First one to look at her boobies and second one to look at her ass ? Could be years. I used to fall in love easily. It was so easy to fool me with cheesy lines. Now I can fool you with non-cheesy lines. How ? Just be there for her, be consistent. Being caring and loving to someone consistently is love ? How can we love and stay true to ourselves with so many external factors ready to fuck us up. Fuck this article is never gonna end. See you in part two.

– The Sir Sagz

Are you making love or fucking ?

Warning : The below article might hurt your bf/gf,your fucking feelings, your view on love, your fucking heart and your fucking mentality. This post might save you from wrecking your life. Read with all attention. This is my personal view. You beg to differ ? Write your own fucking blog.

When did you have the feeling,“yeah I am in love” 15 ? 35 ? I had this feeling since I was 7 or 8. What the fuck. Lol. So now I have almost 20 years of experience of this shit. So you can say I’m more than qualified to write this thing. Yeah I have been with an Odia girl,Punjabi girl,south indian girl,South Korean girl, Indonesian girl,polish girl and a dozen others I really cannot recall anymore. It was all long distance relationships except the one with the Punjabi girl and one with the Odia girl. Each relationship taught me very valuable lessons for life, and that’s why I am the greatest asshole today. Maybe not the greatest.

I always loved the feeling you know when someone tries to be possessive and caring. We all do. I’m not gonna talk about my relationships. They were great. Maybe not great. I will tell you about the real relationship I had for 2 years. Other relationships were just to get away from loneliness. Well the truth is I wanted someone to ask me how my fucking day was. I already told you about my childhood,being loner and isolated from others. So no one really asks me about my day and what’s going on in my life. This is how serial killers are produced. I’m already halfway there. Anyway I had my long distance gfs to talk to, whenever I felt like I’m loosing shit.

Back to this real gf, she was 16 when I was 22. She wouldn’t be my gf if she had not proposed me. Because at this age, I had already lost hope. And I have a problem with saying NO. I don’t say NO. She proposed and I didn’t say No,though I was not really interested in her. But come on, we all fall in love eventually when you talk to the same person over and over again. At this age, I really did not know what type of girl I was looking for. I had not specified any distinct attributes that a girl needs to have,so I can fall in love here. What the fuck did I say ? Are you supposed to love a girl after you interview her ? Doesn’t love just happen surprisingly ? Hmmm I don’t know about that. If someone is beautiful I certainly like how she looks, but love ? Maybe not. I have read something about love. Like accepting someone’s faults and stuff or ignoring their faults and stuff just because we like them ?

So this 16 year old girl, she was nice. Not that hot looking. Maybe average. Hope she finds this blog. Lol.Look is important but it’s negotiable to me. I don’t wanna wake up next to a goat. Now I think goats are nice looking. So the point is she was average looking and I liked her. Also I was not looking like some fucking phony movie star with make up on my face. These fucking kids love them. I wonder why ? After a few months I realised I really don’t like her. Oops wait, the reason I thought I did not like her is that, I really cannot tolerate female shit. You know, the way they talk or chirp or the gay way they behave and stuff. No offence to gays. That was the only reason why I did not like her. No she was also so boring and cheesy. So in each relationship, I kept making these notes about the attributes I need in a girl.

A little more light on my hidden weirdness : I don’t like being touched. No, wait, I don’t like being touched by the people I don’t love. I really don’t love anyone. Also, I am a virgin still. Maybe I was gonna have it with the girlfriend but I was really reluctant to it. Maybe because I was not in love her. But she was really looking forward to it.I wanna have sex with someone I love. Now wait, how do you know that girl/guy is gonna be with you after you have sex with them a few times and you/they get bored ? Is that what love is ? It doesn’t let you get bored ? I don’t wanna throw my body to everyone I love. This is my own fucking body, I have worked hard to shape it, why would I just give it to you ? Because I love you and you love me ? For two months now ? Show me some loyalty,show me we will be compatible with each other in the next 10 years, show me you got the shit it takes to make this relationship work. Fuck I sound like a girl. So just make love online till then ? I will come to this point. I know people like fucking a lot of people. Also there are more than 3 billion girls out there, you will get another one so fuck this bitch and find another. But I never really had much interest in sex. I can talk to you all day all night if I like you.

Now think about your bf or gf. We need love. True. Maybe I don’t need. Oh wait, I forgot to mention about the age difference. You might be having a bf/gf who might have a significant age difference. Like 5 to 20 or more.But we really don’t care about the age difference when we are in love. Let me tell you something. Love is just a feeling. It has faded away and it will fade away. That’s why people make kids. A reason for them to stay together. You think Romio and Juliet loved each other ? Lol. If they were together for a few more months, they would have fucking ended the relationship by themselves. That’s the truth. And when the love fades, if you have a nice age difference, the older one will fucking control you and use you as an object. I’m speaking from experience.

Making love ? I bet the females came up with the idea that it should not be called sex or fucking, it’s making love. Maybe because it was too disrespectful to them. I’m not a misogynist but I don’t like a lot of girls. The same gay behaviour reason. But when you are a teen you just want some pussy to stick your dick in. Fuck this thing rhymes. So you know usually the motive of men is to fuck a bitch and then a few more times with the same stupid bitch and move on. At least that’s what teenagers think. Also maybe some rich grandpas think that too. There are nice guys also. Those are called the dumb people. Maybe they are nice.I’m not a nice guy but I have no interest in fucking anyone. Yeah maybe I will name something to my category of people. If they exist. Maybe your first sex was really romantic and nice for you, but that asshole nigga isn’t with you anymore. Is he ? The problem is that, these girls don’t have the knowledge about love and sex and stuff. They think if you are in love, you gotta get fucked. Fuck, I’m being too disrespectful. Fuck you. I’m telling you the truth. So you may ask me now, how I’m gonna be with the nigga without sex,we love each other,it’s been already a month and love is incomplete without making love. Fuck you right there. I don’t know how, maybe fuck each other online and see if the nigga has got love and patience for you. Feels legitimate ? proceed then.

Now you are gonna say, fuck online ? How disgusting is that ? Exactly. Not to me. I bet these are the same bitches who also think masturbating is disgusting. They want a real dick. Those are the ones who get pregnant before they hit 20,married before 22, divorced before 26, depressed and unofficially dead before 30. Lot of Indian girls don’t touch themselves because they think it’s a sin. They are even worse than the bitches who are getting fucked. How much disrespectful can I be ? Wait there is more.

I remember I was watching a Chinese porn movie. There was a guy with a small dick who was not able to satisfy women. So he was getting a dick transplant. I mean he was getting a horse dick. But on his way, he meets an old couple and the old guy never actually had a dick since he was born. He asks them,” how can you be together for so long when you are not having sex ?” And that’s when the subtitle stopped working and I could not understand what the old man said. I think the old guy said,”sex is important for sure, but having a best friend in your partner is more important.” Maybe making love doesn’t only mean having a sexual intercourse with your partner with love and passion. Maybe it also means just being with each other no matter what because you connect with the person on some other level that no one can understand. I wish I were asexual. Would be easy to spot the right one.

Girls are nice. I agree to this fact. Well at least a lot of girls are nice. Once some nigga fucks them and leaves them, they become bitch. I have respect for those girls. They are real bitches. Not lying. No respect for the fake bitches though. No respect for any girl who is nice even after she is fucked and left, and she still thinks the guy loved her. That’s some level of stupidness. What I am saying is, don’t be nice always, be a bitch, sometimes. It will save you from a lot of trouble. Judge a nigga, analyse him, interview him and remember past is very very important. For fuck’s sake don’t date a guy who has fucked a lot of bitches. After some fucking sessions, the mentality of that guy changes. You can trust me now too. I guess as long as I haven’t done it, making love,sex or fuck, has no meaning to me. Lol.

Peace !!! sisters !!!

-The Sir Sagz

From Child,till a Man

Warning : The below article might hurt your parents,your fucking feelings, your belief system, your fucking culture and your fucking mentality. Read at your own risk,bitch.

1992,October 19, A fucking legend was born. Then he contradicted a lot of theories and proved a lot of people wrong. Kidding. Though it’s gonna happen soon. I’m serious. To paint a picture of my childhood, I will need only black colour. Always loved being alone. I am born and brought up in my village. So there were so many fucking people around all the time. Again there was no personal room for me. Neither any privacy. I fucking hated it. If I had some privacy, I think I would have been some different person by now. Take a note of this if you are getting a kid. It’s very important to give them space so they can masturbate to porn first and after that they can really use their brain and find out what they are really good at. Now you know why I don’t go home.

Normal childhood. What does that even fucking mean ? I had friends. Motherfuckers. I have always been a loner because I could never fit in. Never wanted to. They could not see what I was seeing. Since a kid, I have always been my own hero. So it’s not like I did not like Shaktimaan. But as you grow up, some shit will lead you in the right way. And sometimes we know it’s fucking wrong, still we do it. School and college were also normal for me. What the fuck is normal ? I liked a girl in school. She was cute, small and nice. Lol. I had already felt love way before that. I think during my nursery class or maybe during grade 2-3. I know her still. But she has become fat now.Bitches are getting fat and not working out these days and their excuse is you should see the inner beauty,not the big tummy. Really ? Then why do you paint your face with some disgusting color ? They are waiting for some loser with no self-esteem to pick them up. Then single, single, single, now I’m in engineering college. Trust me, I was looking ugly as shit. So again single single first two years. Then I met my childhood school competitor in the neighbouring college, I knew she was a bitch. But she proved me that I was right. So in short, you really don’t have an interesting life if you are studying shit all the time. At my age, females were getting fucked and pregnant,some were getting married and having kids. And I was playing Need for speed and also with my dick. Well I won 8 times in different College techfests in playing need for speed most wanted. Earned like 22,000 rupees. There was no competition anywhere for playing with dick. I might had won if there was any. Fucking loneliness. Ughhhhh…

This is how a normal boring student life is. Now I got a job so I’m doing interesting things. I never played anything at college or school, I never liked those motherfuckers. I just had to get out of there too. Now let’s go back to the childhood.I remember when I was a kid, all I heard was,”Don’t do this”. I mean, seriously ? I’m a fucking child now for fuck’s sake. Let me do some crazy things and learn from that mistake.They were always watching me but I did crazy things anyway. Ate stones and dirt, drank kerosine. I don’t know why but I was always attracted to the smell of explosive oils. I still am. Another thing was taught during my childhood, it’s kind of a mandatory thing to do. If someone is coming to our house, the other thing I always heard was,” now he is an elderly person, touch his feet and do namaste”. What kind of fucking thing is that ? Bitch I don’t know that nigga, that could be a rapist, a murderer or at least a fucking asshole, why the fuck would I touch his/her fucking feet. These people at home, they don’t understand shit. Now I’m a grown up, I don’t do those traditional shit anymore and people are complaining that our tradition is going away. They don’t know that they are following a fucking wrong tradition. Is it a tradition if it is wrong ? If you want me to Namastey you, tell me some honest good work you have done, I will analyse and tell you if you deserve one or not. If I’m not doing it to my parents, who the fuck are you ?

Now the other shit. My father is a very scared man. I don’t know why. “What people will say”,this is his famous advice. Just because he is a headmaster of a school in our locality, he has to maintain his image. Now you know why I have a FUCK SOCIETY mobile back cover. How the fuck do I know what people will say, let me do some shit, then we can know what people will say. In the other hand, I’m totally opposite. Bitch if you touch me, I will fucking kill you right here. I think this attitude is coming from the Gangster rap songs. In my parents’ entire life, all they have done is to go to school and come back home, mother goes to sleep and Father goes to gossip with people. Till date. How can those people survive with such a boredom, is still a mystery to me.

Now let’s get a little serious here. About the things kids never really dare to talk to their parents. I can talk anything in anyway to my parents because I have been a loner my whole life. Now thing anger… Imma stop. These modern day parents are spending millions on their kids to make them stand on their own. This is the truth. When you are spending that much amount of money on someone, you gotta expect something in return. Right ? Or wrong ? Fucking right. I think that’s where they go wrong. Maybe you can expect respect and love in return. But you cannot buy a cat and tell him to dance for you. The cat will poop in your pillow even if you paid to buy the cat. So you have to deal with that shit and I guess it’s your responsibility to provide to the kid because you made kid just for your entertainment or maybe because of social pressure, the kid was not dying to be born.

Again nobody really understands a kid. I have watched a lot of TV shows. Not the indian ones. They suck real hard. But the American ones. They show some real life shit. Seen those parents in TV series and horror movies, really being concerned about their children’s behaviour and stuff. But we don’t care in our lives in India. I don’t know about other countries. In India, if you are a kid, you are a fucking burden to your parents. Just eat and get out of the home and do shit. That’s what my village friends did all their life. Still some of them are doing that. Fucking wrong things being taught at school. Fucking teachers. Coming to school,like robots, teaching shit. I mean, come on,teach me something I won’t find in the books or in YouTube.

Now if I talk about me, I am 26 now and I already understand how fucking difficult it is to have a normal life. Even if you become a billionaire, still you can be fucked up, raped, killed and maybe some more other shit can happen to you. If you are poor, loneliness will kill you. No smart chick is gonna be with a broke nigga. We are polluting the earth by making bad children ? Bad children ? Oops, nope, fucking bad parents. How difficult is it to raise a kid ? I have already read online about it. If you don’t know, read online. As Dr.Herb says, if you have a son, you have to worry about one dick. If you have a daughter, you have to worry about all of them. Not trying to scare you, but this is one unbearable truth. As a parent, it’s nearly impossible not to worry about the welfare of the kids, but for fuck’s sake leave them alone once they are on their own. Fucking indian parents. I guess we Indians never really become men as long as our parents are alive and have the capability to talk.

I did not have a bad childhood. But I did not become a nice man. Did I ?

-The Sir Sagz

You got a job,Now You must save

Warning : The below article might hurt your fucking feelings, your belief system, your fucking culture and your fucking mentality. Read at your own risk,bitch.

I always had a dream. Not too big. Not too small. Just I have to get out of the fucking home. I remember I was telling this to my mother when I was in 10th grade, she just didn’t care and laughed as if it was no big deal.Now I got a job in a different location and I don’t go home anymore.Fuck yeah. Achieved my dream. When you are unemployed, nobody really gives a shit. There could be a tiger coming to eat them and you tell them about it, they will tell you to get a fucking job. That’s how it is. If you don’t make money, “bitch shut the fuck up and get the fuck out”, that’s all you will hear. You may hear different things or you may not hear anything if you are deaf. To be honest,being in a middle class family really sucks. And on top of that if it’s a joint family or too many people in your home, you are fucked to the core. I mean you should be either so fucking rich or a fucking street beggar. It’s better than being in a middle class family. Oh, I don’t know if I belong to a middle class or these people are inheriting billions of money and not spending it and not even telling me. My parents are old now,in their 50s I think. Still they are not spending the money they have. I clearly told them that I was not gonna need their money. They still don’t spend it. I hope they are gonna waste it when they are sick and bed ridden.

I got the job when I was 23,not so much of a classy job. Coz fuck school and college,fuck education, it was all over my mind all the time. I had no interest in studying shit. But I always had interest in computers so I became a computer science engineer. So a year later my job,when I was able to stand on my own, I got a call from my father. The standard conversation goes like this,

Father : where are you ?

I : home

Father : ok bye

But that day he asked me about salary and stuff and if I’m saving or not. I said I was not saving. It’s not like I’m getting a million a month so I can save some money. So I’m living in a different location in India.One guy is living with me in the 2 bhk flat. Rent is too high. As the population of India is increasing like a fucking fission process. They are making everything expensive.

So finally I went home after a year and half, my father starts to give me a lecture on life. He States that it’s important to save money for the rainy days. Usually they don’t listen to what I say and I don’t listen to what they say. They think they made me the person I am today. Fuck no,they were too busy with taking rest and doing things that has no connection with me anyhow. Everything I am today, all because of my own mistakes and TV series. They only paid for some of the stuffs like education. But it’s their fucking responsibility to pay for the child’s education. I’m writing another article on this topic. Anyway, I replied him explaining why you should not save money. My same lame excuse, that you might die tomorrow. Lol. He might have been scared. Then he says what if you need a lot of money tomorrow for some urgent issue ? Without a second’s delay, my reply was, get a credit card, also you can get instant pre-approved loan within a few days. Now he is confused and cannot argue anymore.

So that is my point exactly. I wanna live life on credit. Yeah I know what you are thinking. Life on credit ? Fucking crazy ? You wanna go bankrupt and die with debt overload. Haha, yeah exactly, because I have no plans of getting married or making children, so there is not a lot of expenditure in my future. I will just sleep in a small room and live in the big world. And if I die by any chance, I will not have to pay the debt or credit card bill. How childish can I be ?

Let’s be honest,if I talk about other people, we get a job when we are 22, based on the fact that many kids want to be an engineer as it’s a very easy method to get a job quickly. Considering you are one of the middle class family kids, you got like 3-4 years of time to have fun. I’m talking about boys. So you can fuck some bitches, go to some new places and try different suicidal sports and entertainment. Then you plan to save money for your own marriage if you fell for some bitch or bitch owned you. If you are getting an arranged marriage, it might be different. In case, you have a very poor family, you are fucking cursed. So I asked one of my friends, and she told me this :

For girls it’s different I think. I really don’t know. Correct me if I’m fucking wrong. You get a job but you get no time period to decide on saving. Because you are daddy’s Princess. Now daddy is somehow happy that his daughter is being independent. You are extra-happy because you are making money and you will be getting married in a few years, so you spend however the fuck you want. If you got a nigga pulling out his heart for you, you may feel like a god. I might be 90% correct at this stage. I was talking to a friend about it last and that’s what she said :

Could she be anymore right ?

– The Sir Sagz