Anti-social lyrics

I don’t play the blame game,Only PUBG on Tencent
When they bug me,I shred ’em fucking faint ’em
like ben10,I’m so cocky,bitch I’m the next gen
Society,you can go die bitch,Imma maintain
The next men to fry shit like the end game
My lyrics can damange you more than ten trains
crashing you and leaving you with a dead Brain
Bitch you got a lame mane,think you’re a lion guess
You’ll die in the same lane you used to cry
Tech9 is a le-gend then yes I’m the Tech10
Never even a god can,break my strength gained
From pain and mayhem,my brain’s against sane
Get you neck sprains in yo daydreams,since eighteen
I stay clean from fake friends,I don’t shake hands
I break trends ‘n mainstream ‘n I’m trained like X-men
Still I work at a desk,again ‘n so high with self-esteem
If I’m James then,this lyrics is my Bond with 007
A raven from the heaven came with a message to save ’em
Now let me explain the picture I fucking painted
Scented with the fear of making you mentals Saint,ya

Went to school ‘n I met some fools ‘n I made a crew
Got gold,digger and jewels,but no figure nor boobs
It was all cool,we balled ‘n ruled,we the bigger dudes
Unable to hear a fucking bitch,we the giver in hoods
Unstoppable bulls unfuckable,stood,in the scene of feud
Mean or rude,got gene to loot,memes in books
Don’t give a,shit to who,fucking Peed or poo’ed,haha
Brothers forever we’ve,been a true,fam,no me or you
If one gets lost,we fucking chopping the woods
Five years later, education was,dropping the moods
We hopping to grooves and slurping the booze,huh
Years gone now them fucking sons of bitches too
Didn’t know I was a fucking rented tool,is just cruel
They meant to screw since then I tend to loon
just some fucking extra,water at the edge of pool
Think I let me messed up,fuckers got no time to move
When I asked for help,they can’t find the route,huh
Fucking backstabbing liars,now mind your foot
Landmines afoot,one mo’ step you be lying kaput
Nobody’s mine to prove,got no thang to lose

You can dream it ‘n pin it on a blackboard
Start early,clean it ‘n fulfill it with a crash course
Life is a harsh road,I’ve seen this,follow your master
He told my class whores,they suck damn hardcore,ha
Never had any interest in studying these barcodes
I’m far off,my teachers lied to me,got my ass choked
With this first job felt like I’m sitting on a gas stove
They didn’t teach me any real shit to deal with an ill life
Now I ask my score fuckin marksheet silent inside
Go bash the door,Where’s your smash ‘n roar
I try to pass my load,but I can’t I’m asked to hoard
The fuck my life has stored,I bought my heart a sore
Not possible,fucking walls now start to talk
Pain is ’bout to mock,call who,they all stuck with work
Fucking friends on a floor to dance with hoes
I’m texting a bot on my blog to answer more
Is there a God on the top,’fore I massacre
I’m trynna get a bitch to rob my pain but that’s a bore
Clowns on the go,nobody wants to stop
Still I’ve an ounce of hope,somebody will vouch to love.

I’m harmful to be with,but calm and cool is the trick
To cheat on this fucking bitch tryna pick up a mo’fucking freak
My ex-gf thought she did get a danceable lil dick
But I hit back hard and big, Teach this tard some shit
I was beyond her reach
Still I gave her my time,tick tick tick tick fuck this
The fuck did she save for my night,drink dog piss
You bitch your mom starts to think
I’m more of a son to her than you fucktard
are now who’s the snitch
You trying to camouflage in the game of rush kid
Still prying on my democlass,go suck yo crush dick
Call yourself an expert yo don’t know how to play a bit
In a fucking relationship,Can’t even last a week
I got delays on tips on how to kill ’em zombies
So I can’t pass the gate ‘n I ask my fate
And my last debate, Should I get a lass to date
And get me a catastrophe or just masturbate
coz I got my peace of mind at stake, it’s my mistake
Everytime I break my heart and get sick
I wreck my life and take trips to heal shit
So fuck this I better get peace and check chicks
And make some hate speech on Dre beats Got a lotta
do, life ain’t no mo’ empty So bitch you betta’ bend knees

Raat teen baje likha Baki Chaar din ke story
Jaise army ke goli,Meri boli
Jaise aandhi mein kohli
baandhi h doli,kabhi na kabhi toh ayegi woh bholi
Stans bhi Kare chori Mera lyrics ke chhan bin ho rhi
jaise India mein fir se Aya Muhammad Ghori
Sahmat hai gori,Diya mujhe thodi
Smile aur bhari mere dil ke katori,Baat badhi
Tute mere haath kadhi
Likha ek gana,Aur naam Mera padi
Shaam bhari rango mein,jaise life mein ayi Manjari
ango mein,chaddhi ankahi,Bhavna,raam nam
Samjho main,jitne bhi paath padhi thi aya,kaam na
bando mein,Bhai nahi,andho mein parchhayee nai
Unknown main,tanhayee yahin

Bangaya Diwana Tera,tu Mera ansh hi,jisko Jo bolna hai
bolo koun sahi,dheere dheere upar se niche gira jaise
main Bansal hi,jisko samjha tha Panchali nikli ek number
ki chhipkali,haha,Hath Khali Dil Mera kaat daali thehra
Raha saath toh sirf raat kali,saali Kali Denali Gaana khali sunali
aur muh se nikali sirf shaap aur gali
Daali gaane mein hasino ko ab main taali
Paise hi sab kuch h yahan,boli Meri kaam wali
tabse Gaana main sunta nahi,beat sirf unka
Maanta main tum ko nahi,geet mere guroor ka
Sutta main fukta nahi,reet mere khoon ka
Jhumka lene aya tha toh loot liya matunga,haha

Rap Ki shaan main diya isko jagah jaisa maa ki sthan h
Rap Kissan main khet mera wait kar raha baarish ka
Jackie chan main ladhne aya sath mere batista
Dil mera pakistan,Surgical strike kiya main aakhri baar
ab na chahiye koi mujhe,na ki gyaan
Sakal pe mera hanesha happy stamp
Akal se ghehra Ganesha jaisa,vyapee kaand Mera haathi kaan
Nakal mat karna beta lagega kaafi kaam
Jab do lines, li-kha tha,text kiya mujhe ek Akki fan
Bhardo rhymes Milkha sa,rach liya ab sab ki chaal
Koun khicha bageecha mein naag h
Naam uska Sagz h,yeh kaagaz mein raaz h
anti-social main,bantai log chal bhaag le
Paas na ayo kahin yeh kaat le..

Taki Stan’s Bhi Kare chori mera lyrics ka chhan bin ho rahi …..

– The Sir Sagz

Juice’s dripping

I got six packs of abs in my belly
And she is got an ass that shakes like jelly

Pull my trouser down,I rip your blouse now
You get so aroused how,when I start to mount
You know my toy is brown, it’s going out of town
My Juice’s out of bound, you can’t even breath now coz you’re getting drowned,I kiss,your lips astound
Gonna put my dick in your mouth,it’s getting sticky
how’s that sound ?You know the route
Move your tongue around,up and down
My pole,lick it from north to south
In and out, you better make me shout
I’m about to go,loud,ask your friend to watch you blow,that cock, she’s allowed,the beats pound
I’m spitting the verse but you bit in my,ouch
I got a sick flow, suck me harder, get me a deepthroat
69 is the,pose, your lips know,gon’ go down a bit low
Imma play with this pinktoe,suck me like a sinkhole
My voice will get you vibra-ting moan,like a ringtone
On a sink though,lick ya like ice cream in a mint cone
A big O gon rush outta your clito,so wet,you nympho

I bet u in phase 2,I’ll lick u on the bed like spilled juice
‘N I kissed your neck too to shake through,I feel you
Getting in a great mood,I wanna bite you,so get nude
Get down ‘n let my tongue through to your Next boob
Squeezed it hard till I got a red view,fuck redtube
Imma make new,a category of sex,the craze grew
Your nipps so hard I knew,so I chewed ‘n screwed then I looked in your eyes,babe,why ’em so sensitive ?
Bend you over ‘n finger your pussy but I meant to
Caress u till u get so lubed,I lick,you get the best view
Babe you,lie on your back and get yo legs to loose
Gettin between yo thighs,now gimme a peg of juice
Imma eat your pussy like it’s the day to drool
I lick ‘n spit on yo clit like it’s your day to rule
Imma rub my cock on ya under the red ‘n blue,sky
Make you a messed Bleu ‘n I would love to ride
My precum is what my test threw,now suck me dry
Your pussy’s begging for something huge
‘N I’m called to the rescccue,yeah

Fuck my cock’s so sloppy,now stop I rub you fluffy
Till you beg me to fuck it,I’mmma edge your small clit
So How,does it,feel when my balls hit your jaws a bit
You roll your tongue in me,makes me pause a tick,yea
You look like a barbie with hard tits
I’m your great Gatsby with mad skills
Entering you bad bitch, tendering for hard hits
Remember I’m so nasty,you seen em in the last pics
Your pussy so tight,My rock hard cock gon’ blast it
Moving In and out slowly to a fast beat
Pulling your hair from the back while smashing
Why don’t you ask me,will you spank me Papi
I slap your ass cheek, till you spit some ahhh shit
Top to bottom,Keep grinding me,at peak
Imma dryhump you on this mattress
Not enough,Fucking your shy cunt with madness
You Must be getting closer, your eyes are closing
You’re losing,juices,dripping down your thick thighs
Your pussy’s oozing, Imma be sipping that big splash
Feels so soothing, I’m gonna cum now, are you gonna lick that or just swallow it or let the cum slip past
Your lips,Oh shit, I’m draining out,my cream splats
You came last,Yo body’s shaking like u got a seizure
You scream hard,You been bad
The session with your dream guy
Been a binge fuck,u like a mean jack,I fuck like a ninja
You are tired now,let’s get a neat nap,later I see yaūüėõ

-The Sir Sagz

Must be an S thing

Take you through the real thing…the S thing.The Sir Sagz bear the ring

perfect timing..nigga sing.See me flow..

Sum me up summer,hum it up hummer
Numb it shut number,wind it up wonder
Undercover,does it even matter,I got the real zinger
Endangered,no stinger like me must be a hot thinger
Sprinkle some of my blessings on these people
Signal,chum of my supremes for ya easy sequel
Tripple,love for any being learn to breathe simple
Guess my sins be crippled
Purple’s the colour dishonored hear my MTB tracked this year niggas wanna be my peer outta fear
Fo’ ya’ll the skull of this horror disappeared from my 3TB HDD dear diggers dig up my field,shout a cheer
Verbal hollers in this corner caused a sheer entity tip, reared,up figure out the thinger he is here loud ‘n clear
Hurdle’s the turtle least tortured,tub full of tear but A TAP ‘dhered to the deeper layer,ya,all ’bout an ‘ngineer
Seared on my mere,memory tier
Since I steered my life,sincere
To the fuck bear till the ER
Coz you copied me and yo gear
Failed ya fell aint no near this sphere
Yeah the real thinger is a big deal
My career as an engineer like a bottle of beer
Premier life with the smile I wear
Yeah name me the fucking pioneer
So you Keep it real,Brother
Go you deep,spit on em faces seal it
Low dope beat,my words will lit,Get em,smothered G
Mo’ scoped skit,my chorus be hit,Yet no pother shit
My score be quick,in the game I’m fit,you can trick
You be the Robin,rob me,been the batman,in my team
Ain’t tryna motivate ya in,when Imma do,you better fuckin lean,built in beast,ragin teen
Amazingly venting my spleen
Everything I do devil,lets me win,made me next to kin
Ain’t here for the tin you be mean seen many in scene
Nice as Slim,fucking bad words flying in my theme
BC BE NICE be the beauty to a blind,diss ya scream
See these species in my film,Be real as Tupac’s skin
Been the music to a deaf’s hearin,keen since eighteen
Still waiting for the my dream to live in the world I ink
Blinked at my dawg,pair ya thug bud,sinking in flood
Drinks for my dog,care fo’ ya hug mud,stinking ya fur
Think for my fog,share my blog God,printing my log
Shrink my pub,still dare I slog Lord,splitting my job
All over the globe,I may not be the real fucking snob
I Never bleed nonsense,nonetheless,stressed as lace
Favourite face,at the expense of rage,makes me race
Dense,till I mess my head ‘n place some newest,case
My bike takes the chase,black ‘n white states,its ace
If I can trace back to the base of these crazy traits
Grace ya,life’s got em baits fuck that,change ya fates
Mates I’ll be here,breakin gates for ya sakes fuck hate
Aids the Sir Sagz,wrecks the fakes,all hail my aches
Get em a jet,take em to the set of new great days
Met then a net of snakes,bet em a few ate em eggs
Let em a fret of mistakes shape em,due date grades
Yes I rep em the best escape,never too late babes
Sharp as a blade,cut like a thread,merge like the dead
When the game is on my friend,ain’t gonna buzz a leg
Rap like NWA,Em Tupac ‘n dre then,charge like Wade
When the shame on my pen,Ima torch em pagan men
Crap on what great men said I’m,makin my own trend
Hand made slate full of quotes I laid,as a Kid ya said
Nw I’m independent ‘n paid,let indecent heads fade
In the end,baes bay for k ‘n betray,pray I’m ‘Kay
Since then hate every human being tried to evade em still helped many men ‘n women coz I’m a giver,man
Sketch a five second plan,never be ready to cry ‘n digest ’em scam
Stretch ya life lesson learned,favor be steady invest in mother Earth fam
Rest ya strike demon’s warned,I’m a beaver invading time will shine in the finest land
Best ya sight the Freeman’s born,Trevor be leading my grind,yet my clan to come
Fucking hard to outrun he’s hard,outta own,is tarred
Must be smart,coz Sir can’t be outdone fuck a pride
Busting cha bar he be a fucking outlaw 2 rock bizzare
Lost in a spar she be judging me loud long cop me na
Yeah I’m the judge in ya world,turn me on
Man drop me,I’m high ‘n hot you be the sky when I fly
Motherfucker act shy in eye but I know ya rat ‘n playa’
Otha’ suckers,bark louda’ ‘n boo ya sue ya when I open my book,boom yeah
Gimme the votes men make me the fucking mayor
Brotha stop fo my idea
Lets make a new era TV may air
Under my care,Cover up bare niggas coz when I stare
Will burn ya fair ‘n square but everybody may err
when I ask ya to dare my vision,coz reality’s there
I can’t love these Smoky niggas no more
quit my pursuit ?thats a No No. build my own hood,oh
No need to,like me fool you worship me too
Like to God you do
Never listen to,negative people like parents,cook you
Takes a thing or two,to stand against shits bake you
Why’d ya make your kids fake bitch,your lesson due

You pacing through,now yo late for my lecture so you got no clue,out you go,I’m here to change the world,True,walk in my shoe,I’ll shoot you out your fake look

Make you my crew,None can’t be my boo,bitch shooo
I’m making my troop,if you staying,gotta follow my rule
Took a lotta crap for these niggas,where they at,Still I’m blamed like that clapped a lot fo’ your top heroic act now,watch my chart
I respect that
Shook the universe placed on map,demon be gone begun my shot,slap ya tact,my flow’s sick,that a fact
Expect a diss rap
Hook my thought,started from scratch,bare hands don’t even match,where my friends at, squared up at black mart
Exchange ya fist or words bitch,why you yap
Fruitless effort scraps the jam outta life ‘n traps leaves no perks shout at like sharks,chasing ya slow yatch to snatch ya Soul like tax
Nigga what’s that ?my stat is,stark jacks
Still I’m simple as fucks cunning like a fox,if ya cunts
What up bloods,be a real man aint no bitch want,who can kill one to feel my Gyan
On some level you even cant,climb without my piece of arm or peace of mind
Ease of grind,seize the chance bitch,ya kneel ‘n dance
Peel a skank then steal his thang each of ya nil,dang
Be mean to a sea lion in the sea of fame,see insane
She can’t tame me,I’m on my mission,ain’t no game
Crossed miles of road on bare foot, from lane to lane
Be patient see what I do,my plan’s shared afoot
If you asking me what I do for fun if you knew
Baby I renew it,that’s on and on like a mother** flue
Strenuous as fuck,never be rude,fake bitches be glue
Who can fool me,I’m cool even when I’m passed out by the pool
outgrew the room,you threw me in
Fuck I’m out now and new
So I’m making my track,the Unrespectables,be you
As I walk,you,through the mental pictures I drew
Clear as crystal not even a hue,you can get me sued
For the language I use,these kids deserve the truth
Ooze the real stuff,books won’t teach you at school
Few a’holes need to bid adieu,help a nigga,ya should
Bitch be shit in ya hood but give her a hand too
If she needs you but Im a real nigga,keep your thanks
Fuck your gratitude,It’s in my nature,my attitude
Mother******* rest them ass on the same latitude
The same place they screw,ya can’t fuck wd my mood
No make up on my face,I’m a silent Hunter looking for food,when I take off niggas be screamin in the woods
So suit up bitch look up,how I ignore your presence listening to Tupac
Would have been on crack but made all the way back I’m a different person Now,I’m glad,thanks to Pac
I listened to gangsta rap,some fantastic craft
That gonna last
A youngster snaps,bring my xanax it’s over,prankster
See a menace,once you called him a scared
Text me fast,the answer to where you at
Monster clutch bitch beware thought,you knew that
I am the glock,boom boom pow and a new smack !
Can’t be out uh,without a fight
Some might think life is whack
Fuck your opinion bitch nigga,my words spread like that,epidemic disease there ain’t no shot
No cure it gonna make you sick a wrack break your bricks ‘n wall,leave you without a shack
So go hard,fuck being a polite asshole
Bitch watch my bar
I’m the top dog among these underdogs
Respect comes with a price
Earn it baby if you got guts,fill up these swear jars
If to err is human god,be by my side I give ya large
I’m a superhuman beam my mistakes that’s my pride
Lust inside,life so fucking disgusting down ‘n upside lost in sight,its a carpet you,walk on and stab behind
Tossed in light,it’s a casket broken yo,shine ‘n chime
Life on line,it’s a cassette play it on,take some time
It can’t heal my mind,like the Scarlett,seen the crime,Still we act blind,in the end we all sleep on our spine,whether dark or bright,its the game of life
So I write,got a second,one more word to type
I can rap if yo like,it’s a battle so I fight,gimme the mic
Lemme pretend you nice, otherwise you move aside
Must be an S thing coz I psych you to be a lil wise
These damn rhymes be hyping in my next divine hypen sign of the Jesus Christ


I’m sitting on my sorrows hopin t’morrow goes broke,gives me back all the thorough love back in a row it owes me that been racked and through

Looking at the twinkling stars wishing they could just fucking go
Rinsing all my wrinkling scars like fishing with no betting though
Pushing up my crippling heart why risking life for a junky hoe
Justice for the kindling lad listen to me for some minute mo’

Ninny so from the beginning yo,taught to be nice you know,to and fro from school to home
Skinny bones Jones I’m hungry for aught to be nice and slow, deeply gone from jewel to lone
Teeny Po grows being fucking broke,lost in a fake world nice and dopely shown,dozed self from cool to blown
Many faux fucks froze my burning soul,frosted my whole throne and took away my sword,so they can own my tool and tone

Won’t teach me what to do when I’m fucking locked and low
Smoke breached fast to my room and I kept sleeping shocked and sore
Don’t even reach me when I’m feeling fucking blue knocked without a clue
Soak up these tears too listening to the same sad song fuck I’m chucked and booed

What I’mma do when you full of shit,at 3 am I woke
What I’mma prove everything I try is wrong,you spoke
Faggot drama poked,age¬†of three I’m far ‘way and hoaxed,at war against this motherfucking¬†folk
What you wanna stow my store’s full and closed
The pain is looped,can no longer be a lone wolf
Marijuana and coke,Suffering never ends and I’m out of hope, fucking depressed ain’t no joke
Why the fuck these old fucking cunts would try me to choke,Tell me What a kid can sow,I don’t even know

Can I call you a friend or foe,oh you just another snake in the garden of love
Tryna yell but I’m motherfucking mocked,shattered as fuck,tired of faking to be hard and tough
Been a fail much here I’m stuck,without¬†any luck,no fucking angel is guardian as such
Leaning on the hell door I’m struck with the incredible hulk,why death is slow,fuck I’m scarred and drugged Can a kid even sue that motherfucker I don’t know a lot

Lookin for that fucking love, made it worse than a grimy slut,tried to tie the knot,tied me into knots
Tired as fuck,fired me up my eyes,dry as drought
The heck,I gave up the leverage now bind me a yoke
On my neck,fried me out,I’m average how ? you suck
I’m coughing loud can even see my coffin box
The rope is short so is my temper hush you fuckin jerks
I’m a fucking fool to get in your fantasy game now I’m puffin’ stocks
A to fetch ya pleasure I’m ashamed as fuck I’d been plucking rocks

Your Fucking talks,making my heart stop
kill me please,fucking black ops,I have no back up Rascals Ya’ll been Masked up wrecking my Taj Mahal
No fucking body’s got the time to halt where’s my cut
Dark soul fuck it this is my fault,all alone cry and rot
My bank of,Happiness got a mark up
And I’m bashed up fucking bankrupt
Back in my cell handcuffed
Man,Shut the fuck up,Ask what ?
Clashed with the mascot
Can’t task God coz I dissed Him in my last track

Lack of com’n sense paced me, fucking intense
Taught me this fake face dependent on this race
In case,I try to embrace the base of my pain ‘N tense
And it rains,I don’t get drenched
Look at these fucking chains on my hands
Framed for the crime I didn’t even aim
And I’m fucking blamed
You crossing a fence for cents,hushin’ pretence
Retain in the same shitty drain,fucking restrained
Dear Lord, where are you now ?Still I remain the same

Came to play this lil game when a kid had no dream
Gain a skill ‘N train for a name but she had no theme
Pay the bill to em but they feed no self e’steem
Searching still for a lead as I team,fucking steamed
I’m deemed as fuck fucking things taken to extreme

Back at academy,wrong or right,you gotta tell me
what I write,fucking yell at me,I gotta¬†be fightin’
Lot has saddened me,stronger fright,you gotta sail me what it’s like,fucking scaling me,Lotta might be in Lack of anatomy,song or cite,you gotta tail me
why I might be fuckin derailing,just I’ve been drafting
Marijuana mad at me,long or quick,you gotta train me
fuck I wanna quit this reeling,nah no more rafting
This ain’t the real me

I’m healing,shit couldn’t kill me ‘N I got bored
now I’m strong as fuck, supercharged as Thor
So I¬†go hard ‘N roar,back on the road, hardcore
Yet being Solo,UFO, Gotta Paint my shadow
Stealing colour from the rainbow,coz I don’t borrow
Dealing with ya’ll riled me up,Can’t afford one mo’ foe
Once the light is off,He ain’t gon’ disappear hope
He’s¬†one dope coloured ready fo’ load
Can you kiss my fear,nope then Who would I follow
Everybody got some fucking flaw and hollow
They seen me low,pissed me so yo I’mma¬†blow
Below my ego, your world is,so fucking shallow
Dug pillars deeper,built up my home,got no quarrel
Watered the base with tears full of barrel
Place so large,But no homie to call me pharaoh
The bar is high ‘N the entrance so fucking narrow
Everyone is barred,fucking coward gossip with a liar
‘N here lies the captain Jack Sparrow
Time to override my life’s auto pilot

I leave things can’t be controlled,at all
This life is Outta control,but fuck you all
Ain’t giving up BC been through the hell hole
A self entertaining nigga easy,drop ya ball
Outta corner,Screamin be me,beam me been the skull
Seen me fall now you see me haul my fucking L

Like a jail
I was fucking imprisoned in this thing you won’t think
Bring aspirin if ya ass paining,been aspiring to pairing rings in spring but yo fucking love’s expiring in a blink
My music,used it in sync to lose shit,bitch you stink
Rethink the shit you ink ‘N link it to the itch you dream
Love is a glitch in my scream,snitch in my Team
Can’t even get this mirage out of my scheme

And it seems
Your liar voice sucks and your choice is ugly as fuck
Reality,lost it costs so much but I got the ideal stuff
Motherfuckers jump in out of nowhere tryna bluff
Chip in to my mysery and make me scared ‘n shocked
The old fucks got no job want your head chopped off
Right off the block,but I’m at the fuckin pinnacle spot

Ain’t no lust
Life is giving me pain maybe give it back same
Na lay em some pleasure if I can,coz I’m a giver man
A stressed layman like a pressurized can,can be the incessant rain than being insanely pleasant scent

In the end GOD appears before me and raps at length
Cracked jack take ya past, fast in a lock ‘N backpack
Me :
No I can’t
Blacked heart ache ya ass,blast in a shot ‘N flashback
Me :
Yeah I rant
Wrapped hack fake ya pact,ash in a pot ‘N backtrack
Me :
That I want
Trap track make ya rapt,mass in a dot fuckin abstract
Me :
Yeah I got that.
Fuck it,this is The Sir Sagz
I was shattered as fuck,now my words at combat.
Р© TheSirSagz
Р© BC Be Nice


Here comes the rain, bringing all the joy as I walk down the memory lane
The time has come again,look at these children go insane
Headphones on,I’m listening to eminem singing drop the world motherfudger with lil fudging wayne
Here I go again

I heard the pitter-patter, right after
they cut the power, who’s doin that absurd jibber jabber, pushed my door yeah gimme an answer
Was playing max Payne,couldn’t save,
Now I lost the chapter think Far cry 5 is even better yea fit the words that is so clever

Walked outta my room to get that utmost wonder
My stance cocked swagger however is like a damn hot summer
Shy aunts stalked my stagger now rev her up like a non stop runner
Buy a glance mock a weather how brave of ya to hike and jump top further
Eye a chance awake a brother how craze of ya to climb and plunge a dagger of pleasure
I got this tricky flow from Naughty by nature yoke the joker
Tykes on the wet spot whether
They’re gonna get sick and choke the doctor
Such a blurred vision stirred up a factor
For you keep it under observation later
Got the procus go pro to show the score to my haters
Sport the doofus so low to blow mo’ of my neighbours
Store the glow touched photo to crow at the door ’bout my failures
Then pour the dope potion to my soul grow and roar, I’m the player
Get out of this slow Mo life just
When the lightening is gone N the thunder stops
But u still hiding like a con N the wonder drops
like the firing of a gun N the splendour pops
I’m riding like the Paul let me remind you the boss
The furious how fast I’m flowing I’m curious
Serious Lee to the Brett bowling at 150 three spurious
Can hit the ball to the tall building in a 50 ‘gree Celsius
Envious fit girl took a fall in a billion filthy creep craving lust
Cricket eh just a fuss crawl to the pavillion from a nifty sleep must
N Burst my Thirst, ‘nother great shot yeah millions gift it to the cric Gods
Absurd, never be a spectator with a
Fake get up yup traitor take off to your snake block and discuss
Late set up but greater, shake off nigga wreck a clock and disgust
Straight eight schmucks but merrier, payoff, break a tough luck why so viscous
Mate played a lot hurt but carry on mo’ till the playoff
Keep giving you the good stuff till they Picked us
keep riding that life coz you are fuckin adventurous
Fucking venturous nigga climbed up a dangerous mountain to pass his combat endurance
Took every chance to be in advance like Ra’s al ghul’s raged vengeance
Shoot ! leveraged the plants to be in a trance like I’m a fool ? The legend hence
Bruit the average paced gramps that I use slangs write a cool thang in present tense
Foot to the mountain edge camps to fill in the blanks of my heart, Deadpool got no pleasant sense
Gents, climb higher and you fall deeper in love with the nature ask any adventurer
Life’s a barrier and you crawl steeper,take motivation from the Jack the ripper
Find a scarier trend you troll the figures
Leave the footsteps for em to crack the puzzle
Rhyme to a liar friend,you brawl with that nigga to be an admirer of your skill dawg
Rigor in operation taught my institution
You can use that to trigger even Steve Roger captain my plans are bigger so are you gonna be my cover coz I never carry my armour nor give a damn to my health nor to my liver
So I prefer to give her the pleasure,never love her or another lazy ass rub her and suffer in a blackout hell or nuclear drop on your whole acre
Rape ya eagerness to sleep when ya on fever ya rest either get your gear on or give up later I’m a yes
Man I’mma be a more energetic contestant cramp up my left leg now and then test my temp it’s 104 degree hundred percent smell my athletic maniac scent from my 10 kilometer sprint posted instantly on instagram men I meant why slow down life span ain’t getting longer neither I’m Peter Pan keep movin your thang pitter-patter ain’t no alarm click-clack this that riff-raff plot an evil plan when I’m on a trip you trap you deserve a dick slap when I ain’t with my bike I’m stuck in a gridlock who’s honking tick tack time to type another sick rap tit for a tat
My landlord’s a freak crapped you can’t pet a big cat fucking bitch lick his sticky ass lickass get this motherfucker zip locked, throw him out in a deep sack full of creeps stocked and then you eat some shit stacked
Respect that girl who’s sad,Listen to her chit chat to get into her ripped pant, expect that.
She’s gotta dig that ? Have no fucking thing for you girl you know that rap ? Earn each respect from zero to one I’ll give you a quick clap,you want that ? why’d come to work with a shoe worse than a fucking flip flop
Tip top yup a classic rap true to each word who’s got a massive wasp
Sting that manic rat crew of that bitch ward lose that drastic gasp
Kickback a panicked heart through that speech slurred who thought a passive can snap
Pizzazz like a Sonic blast flew past that stitched scar who’s with Adkin scot in a rapid spar
Sun is stupid so is your lucky star where can I find some internal peace than a war
You can get me barred, flip me hard for a 100 yard away from your infernal piece of Ra
I’m ok with that crap Searched a lot for ya and a word ending with a R couldn’t find so I dissed you God
What ? You sent that big black crow to my cracked window to scare the crap outta my life,are ya pissed Lord
Let’s just say Sir Sagz likes to take a long walk when he’s dealing a top business with the life on the spot ya take a ride back to back with a ripped workout where he’s at
No fucks given to that fat yeah he is a sports maniac
His biggest fear is to listen to a bitch rap at him to settle down fast missin this kinda of unrevealed zap
Alright I’mma rap another verse running out of words that rhyme with lack
Whacked this motherfreaking poem to it’s lowest then got a cat and named her snowy
I’m just a raging gullible poet
Stronger than the bonds of a benzene molecule you know it
A life with no adventure is like an engine with no fuel so hollow shit, risking like Hollywood shows it,Never watch Bollywood movies coz they lack wit
Can I quit ? Never then Who gon’ break it who gon’ take it Wreck it mess it
Come out of this lazy life and correct shit
Can’t stand straight amidst these fucking bullshit ?
Take 10mg of duraplus and erect this cocky majestic bitch you call it struggling shit yeah who ain’t hit
I’m an adventurer, can give you a tip if you can keep
Treat everyday like the end of the week
who dreamt a sleep,I’m asleep with this lil weed
Take a nap on the lap of John seed,don’t even look before I leap
Michael Jai White can’t quit Neither my fucking wrist
Put 50 more pound back at it
Again Climb a peak rhyme a skit fight a bitch light a G
Did I mean Ganja ? Quite a trick, might set you free
Freedom is the currency of m….fuck it nobody is listening to it rushing my vision tryna find this man where he is
The list is as long as a sea is
And this fucking job sucks like a shit rapper with no content in it
Finicky kitty creeped it
Fix it pretty feed me chicken streaked
Lickety split ain’t no benefit since it bit my feet and sticks to it, made her listen to Limp Bizkit disc now she is pissed on that beat fuck love ain’t that risky and sick
She slowed me down a bit fuck how dare she did
Got rid of it I’m carefree freed the cat to its creed
Now I’m back on my path to be spoiled by my need
Get me crack and venture in these painful misdeeds
Meow is gone to its familiar pit
Maybe i’m just scared of this ‘ttachment shit
Power of distance N height where it leads
Shower with the fragrance till every man sees N flees
Cowards with a vagrant shit get nowhere till it feeds
Glower at me constantly drift you feel it in my deeds
The battle inside me geez like being on the kurukshetra field with no shield
Take decisions quick coz this game sicker than you think, can even get you killed
Nigga please pussy showed me lil attitude and teased now she is outta this building ease,this sore outta these knees and get me fixed and freeze coz I know I won’t rest in peace,I’m a motherflipping adventurer with no beef
A big shoutout to all these adventurous Gs resting as seeds.
<Ring Ring>
Holla ? Yo where ya at man,this is the Sir Sagz here
Let’s get into this freaking adventure
-¬©The Sir Sagz ūüėČ

Keep Riding that Life

I’m Back from Bombay,vroom vroom hitting my gears to 21,here I come Pune, pedalling on the busy streets,people asking my good name, then who spotted my hood cam
This is the Sir Sagz here, flaming my shame
Breaking my old fame,fast as a F1 McLaren
It’s the first weekend,drain em sweat N gain
The road ain’t no game feel like my wrapped friend, listen to the Jam of Eminem
Chained to my hand,trained to slip pain N insane in the face of your inhumane brain,Can Bruce Wayne beat Bane
If Max can sustain without Payne
Why the fuck I can’t the way I am
You Weigh my slam
Pedal a day when I may get a sprain
In my leg restrained,let her deign, Imma be the warrior till I’m slain
Who to be blamed,Many came Many lame Fucking cars in the wrong lane
I fucking slapped rain coz I claim the shit I frame in my written thang,awaken at 3am
My aim so damn stable like a dead man
Focus on the theme,I’m the real Sagz Ma’am
My bike is the new tsunami got no stain there ain’t no end untill I see birds flying in my head
Tamed to the core
Mary Jane got no love for
the amazing Spiderman
My love for ya so pure
like you choking and craving for the sight of oxygen
Spent many cent on my cosmic mobile for a dent
Didn’t even let my friend ride for a rent
If Gus and Shawn are the real black N tan
Then US N A erred to count on Clark J Kent
Imma flush this Joint coz it’ll crack my vent
Slush the bae if she’s gonna take a stand
Cussed all the way yea run N make her faint
Roughed up all my say so imma drug a saint
Why these people who fail plaint
When I failed these motherfucking gents
Laughed their ass off got me so fucking intense
Barked where at my class prof. for teaching me nonsense
Half a share of my damn luck put em in my defence
Rap a fair shit to these trash talks loot em the suspense
So I Got the fuck up,built up a fence
To be the champ like the IP man
A new motivated energy came
whenever you said I can’t
Respect ya for the same
I never listen to music to calm my vein
Plugged in to boost my beast to the maximum
So if your lyrics is shit,fuck that beat I ain’t gonna listen to you speak betta’ hit the street
Coz your feat don’t gimme the kick I need lit Imma dig so fucking deep you won’t even understand a bit
Shift the G to free you pick a cheap dick In a click Chick lip stick ain’t your fucking trick ? you ride with a rich son of a bitch freak
These kids so Sick,Imma teach you some of a mystery quick
While you sleep my soul skids N spits on your humanity, I write this shit at three
You gotta ride this bumblebee humbly
Truth be the fuel & key to the ABC of this jumbled being with a crumbled script Mumble it not fondle a bitch then cuddle a tree ‘N keep moving and dump em a snitch you want me to dumb em this skit ?
said Sir S.A.G. to the real Z
Read blurred like on LSD to deal G
A nod to the right keep it cleared fo’ me
An empty mind is a home for the devil that fine these stuffs just keep coming when I’m ridin
Shift in, I gotta do my thing
The beat and the screeching
Sound of my bike mixing
while my mood kicks in
One mo’ mile,my brakes are hissin’
The Bombay twistin’ why you driving the taxi
Amy Farrah Fowler a vixen
Magic of the friction
Can’t live without it nor none can fight
That’s a fiction,like a dude on a mission
Kissed em heat on a sunny day,my addiction ride ya rhyme till I die,my poetic diction
Lisbon is the beauty that got me smitten
Fist em this mutely splat em it’s written
To slap your fucking face twice rudely listen
That helps me in uphill riding crudely freakin
Like dating a bitch who got real thang fading
Sweating like the niagra falls fallin’ N’ gradin
My patience it’s upsetting
Can’t play with my feelings if ya got pretty
Hating,Gotta go further ?If She is askin let it
That’s it I’m stopping But Stallone shouting at me
You me nobody can hit as hard as life
That right man seen em lose the fight
I’m contradicting at gear eight,you feel the speed alright ?
someone’s been calling me on my Skype,Hype this shit,I don’t need a pipe
My bike Keeps me high,full of pride
My mind bribes behind my eyes, gotta ride
Until my burden’s light,I’mma be a knight
Put em hurdles oh my sight sharper than the mightiest eagle bright as a fucking day
Then despite My wheels not on flight
Flying high as a kite,bet the height of my words brought you this fucking plight
Why hate me bro bite me quite Imma lit the light in your dark soul
Ignite the ignorants’ right
my lyrics still ain’t got no copyright but stings like the bee who lost its knife N borrowed the sword from the store that sold the hammer to the Thor
So more coming this way go cover your ears tight
Might burn these ice cubes to suffice my crisis I’m lost on top of my axis Jesus Christ
A white screen rushin in my vision tryna find this
A Man risked his Life for these racist ass-kissed assist this piece of shit creeps at my peaks
Guess I can ignore these cocky pricks outta my list quick
Pass by haters on the smokey road
Tweak my ride ditch em like Tom cruise cruised in the MI5
You oughta Live each moment now forget the days you cried
You gotta revive ,wipe out that fake smile
Come pressure must you thrive
End your life on an endless archive
Strive to be the one you were not the last fucking night
I’m not a fitness freak
I fucking drive
myself Outta my zone,you keep em excuses piled
Fuck neagtive vibe
See my face count each fucking lines scribed
Said my Bike
You need a back up snitch I don’t
Trained by the pain of a grind
Get up you son of a bitch you must rhyme This is the time, you parasitic leech earn a dime
Do whatever yo put on your fuckin mind
Put you on a lil light homie you gon’ shine, These fucking feelings for ‘nother hoe ?
You gotta kill em with a nine
Fuck the game up boy be the Lord on your side take the holy sign,
Sore is temporary,that mine,
forever is your goddamn pride,
swore to hail mary, wont fucking back down untill I die
So I ride ,If I’m falling, I gotta fucking rise
I’m ballin’ for my niggas ain’t jotting lies
Can’t put a price on the real happiness
that’s my fuckin prize
Why be fake and play the guise of a guide
I know your every step,bitch you can’t hide
Face this angry monster,glitch in my eyes
Chase these dreams faster, itching my whys
These questions stream in my head terrifies
I’m screamin for the answers that clarifies
You can find thousand more words fuckin buried verified
A girl needs to get married
She needs to be sympathized,but you don’t guys,feed the soul as advised by the wise
Joseph Seed fuckin got me baptized in the holy ink I used to fuckin mark his last days
I’m just a raging poet who buys your bullshit lies turns into a superpower with the pen I write,Long live the irking poem he cites
Spites the wrong fucking screw em with a pike
My shit is so fucking uptight you gotta
Meet the sprite gives me this fucking insight
Treats me as a must be king glides through the dark and white that’s nice now I ride.

– ¬©The Sir SagzūüėČ

The Truth

It’s the life I’ve been living
The things I’ve been giving
It’s the love I’ve been craving
The pressure I have been spitting
It’s the threshold I have been beating

Why it’s gotta end this way when i’m breathing
On seeing others in pain,I don’t wanna live in
Why’ve you made me so powerless being
Or is it somethin
chosen to be so fuckin
To run away from every possible bloodsuckin
bitch I think
Is there really a heaven,why you never blink
Is it just ‘nother lie been trying to ink
Drinkin some shit to get a fuckin hint
who do I trust when she couldn’t see the real me
behind my maskin
Ain’t begging you at all
To pick me up
would just by myself spring
Seen enough sin
Dying inside,can’t spend another min
Creepin inside my nightmares
Gimme ‘nother chance to be new again
On my own without any fucking training
Dreamin’ to be the champion
Fuck that,on your knees
Beg to Him
Heard many stories,so are my dreams
Don’t know how things work out in this mean world,ventin my spleen
On my rhyme
Hate is what I’m takin in
Processing it clean
Why build a temple for a stone to sit in
Things believed and the shits thrown at Him
Never quit nor freaked,pedalled hard,broke a Rim
Won this bitch,everytime I set out ‘n broke a limb
Own this pitch,every line I wrote,you feel my scream
Never pat my back,neither did my team
Hell of a game,fightin’ hard inside the ring
never took your name,I’m so egoistic fucking insane, won’t listen a thing
Dear lord,why so silent now ? Ring ring
Where you hiding ? I’m bored of these li’l games you been playing
Hide ‘n seek,but who’s really reeling
Drank a Red bull didn’t give me any fuckin wing
I’m a old school,never pulled any string
Why fly high,Made my way like katana swing
Mark my words coz its gonna pinch like ain’t no thang
Dear Lord,Thought you were the one ‘n only perfection
But wherever I go,On seeing destruction
Gotta ask ya this, how’s the view from the top
Is it enough fun
Coz come the sun,I fucking run
Till I bleed from my nose,still I ain’t done
Come the stars,a ton of pressure on my shoulder,fucking push my button
3am it is and I stand before the mirror
This illusion been killing me hon
Where is the truth,can I find em post my mortem
Dear Lord, where you now ? You created this earth n life,then why the hell am I shunned ?
Where do I go,got no mentor,fucking pissed em to create paths of my own N got this bitch some wisdom
Loved one N the lesson made me the king Kong of my kingdom
This shit is proven explicitly in my last rhythm
My theme is so hidden
Feels like talkin shit when I say
I’ll beat life to it’s knee,so fucking strong
Messed with the wrong beast who’s been cursed so fucking long
Got nothing to lose,but blood N sweat,oh my tongue
So fuck tear N this fake motherfucking throng
Raped N killed a beautiful soul
Why couldn’t you save Asifa
Right in front
where were you gone
There ain’t no God ? Maybe not,Just a stone
ya’ll been worshipping to,these people so dumb
My mind’s no fuckin numb
count me out,hell with religion,I’m so fuckin done
Don’t show me your power con
Motherfucker I will touch the sky N jump higher to land on
your fucking brain,smear it all over your ugly face,like a thousand pound Thump
A thunder you can’t handle grump
Light ya up first
Burn you down till ya residue gone
When I’m on my shit I can’t be stopped
Hardly I go home,hard I go hot till my beast is unlocked
I’m loaded with ego N guts you will never see my God
You can’t keep pace with my life li’l homie shut the fuck up
Can’t follow my steps can’t even unfollow me nigga cut the show off
Jealous ass bitch rub your face on my shoes it might get ya off
What kind of living is this,I’m shocked
These cowards been running on psuedo power
Heard em talk
Uneducated fuckin politicians who are never on clock
Dear farmer,Where is your God
Now, you can’t be a fraud, I promised myself a lot,but I’m fucking flawed
Cursed is just another word I’m fucking hurt
The fuck you assholes’ve done to my earth
Donated to the Greenpeace N amnesty
Got a substantial pay cut
Absolutely rot these lickass kissass fuckin sluts
Changed the way everything was meant to be but
Had to learn these fake faces to deal on the spot
Built this shit to shield my reeled life thought
But got Killed in the field coz I didn’t,nod along I fucking fought
Dear soldier, where is your God
Now, can you ever stop
The sacrifices you’ve done for these motherfuckers a fuckin lot
Still I got to jot
Crop my lyric to even a single dot
Still I got a shot to blow yo mind
You better opt
Not to fuck with my game boy coz
I will beat ya ass till ya rest in peace flopped
Never asked for any help,not even to my pop
Ready to go even after a fatal accident bloods dropped
As if I’m the kratos
So If you think you can break me Bitch ? that You cannot
Sound of the crushing bones fuck that I’m the Adkin Scott
Fire ain’t gonna burn me homie I breathe this stuff
Stand with one leg but I’m strong enough to blow the damn SWAT
Principles are not meant to be taught
Schools are shit and this new generation kids are so fucked up
Brainwashed by these fuckin gadgets
In the makin of Bots
Get outta home boy run a mile join a club
Follow the rules but gotta be an outlaw must
Doesn’t matter how much it gonna cost
To be happy and see them smiling,so long my heart’s got the rust
Oh my gosh,how much time I got Doc
Where you now ? Searched a while like a fool N then I gave up
Spend hours on prayer like He is the real juggernaut,Trust
No fucking body gonna save ya when you’re busted
Who’s human enough to put an end to this cult
A lone wolf is never lost
God is an illusion,boy tell me who you gonna believe in when ya get tossed
Dear homeless people who’s your Boss
Where is your God now ? You have crossed
One and half million people still in a rush
The judgement day is on its way,so fucking hush
you Loud trash Get your damn foot off the clutch
Embrace the chaos and hold no grudge
If you came so far without a fucking compliment dont even budge
Sir don’t be stuck
Let them stupid Cupid mock
Me and my bike just hit 70kmph N topped
I’m out of my comfort zone like the black hawk
Live mo’ do mo’ bro, help the poor man don’t be a gawk
Why Hancock,lent a hand to the cop
What does it matter why,where is the Lord
Dear God, I’m the sword
Sharp as a tack, if I gotta cut
Liar and the coward back stabbers and such
BC be nice ’cause
I’ll always be there for ya to cover and crutch
Kill them demons within ya be the God
Top ways to be on your Tod,Dude cut the crap,I have seen angels flying in the dark
You better take the chance
I’m going to hell for sure
But I’ll keep ya a spot On the glorious paradise lot
Kids Sorry for the bad words
Thank you so much,wait for my new track.

– ¬©Sir SagzūüėČ