Keep Riding that Life

I’m Back from Bombay,vroom vroom hitting my gears to 21,here I come Pune, pedalling on the busy streets,people asking my good name, then who spotted my hood cam
This is the Sir Sagz here, flaming my shame
Breaking my old fame,fast as a F1 McLaren
It’s the first weekend,drain em sweat N gain
The road ain’t no game feel like my wrapped friend, listen to the Jam of Eminem
Chained to my hand,trained to slip pain N insane in the face of your inhumane brain,Can Bruce Wayne beat Bane
If Max can sustain without Payne
Why the fuck I can’t the way I am
You Weigh my slam
Pedal a day when I may get a sprain
In my leg restrained,let her deign, Imma be the warrior till I’m slain
Who to be blamed,Many came Many lame Fucking cars in the wrong lane
I fucking slapped rain coz I claim the shit I frame in my written thang,awaken at 3am
My aim so damn stable like a dead man
Focus on the theme,I’m the real Sagz Ma’am
My bike is the new tsunami got no stain there ain’t no end untill I see birds flying in my head
Tamed to the core
Mary Jane got no love for
the amazing Spiderman
My love for ya so pure
like you choking and craving for the sight of oxygen
Spent many cent on my cosmic mobile for a dent
Didn’t even let my friend ride for a rent
If Gus and Shawn are the real black N tan
Then US N A erred to count on Clark J Kent
Imma flush this Joint coz it’ll crack my vent
Slush the bae if she’s gonna take a stand
Cussed all the way yea run N make her faint
Roughed up all my say so imma drug a saint
Why these people who fail plaint
When I failed these motherfucking gents
Laughed their ass off got me so fucking intense
Barked where at my class prof. for teaching me nonsense
Half a share of my damn luck put em in my defence
Rap a fair shit to these trash talks loot em the suspense
So I Got the fuck up,built up a fence
To be the champ like the IP man
A new motivated energy came
whenever you said I can’t
Respect ya for the same
I never listen to music to calm my vein
Plugged in to boost my beast to the maximum
So if your lyrics is shit,fuck that beat I ain’t gonna listen to you speak betta’ hit the street
Coz your feat don’t gimme the kick I need lit Imma dig so fucking deep you won’t even understand a bit
Shift the G to free you pick a cheap dick In a click Chick lip stick ain’t your fucking trick ? you ride with a rich son of a bitch freak
These kids so Sick,Imma teach you some of a mystery quick
While you sleep my soul skids N spits on your humanity, I write this shit at three
You gotta ride this bumblebee humbly
Truth be the fuel & key to the ABC of this jumbled being with a crumbled script Mumble it not fondle a bitch then cuddle a tree ‘N keep moving and dump em a snitch you want me to dumb em this skit ?
said Sir S.A.G. to the real Z
Read blurred like on LSD to deal G
A nod to the right keep it cleared fo’ me
An empty mind is a home for the devil that fine these stuffs just keep coming when I’m ridin
Shift in, I gotta do my thing
The beat and the screeching
Sound of my bike mixing
while my mood kicks in
One mo’ mile,my brakes are hissin’
The Bombay twistin’ why you driving the taxi
Amy Farrah Fowler a vixen
Magic of the friction
Can’t live without it nor none can fight
That’s a fiction,like a dude on a mission
Kissed em heat on a sunny day,my addiction ride ya rhyme till I die,my poetic diction
Lisbon is the beauty that got me smitten
Fist em this mutely splat em it’s written
To slap your fucking face twice rudely listen
That helps me in uphill riding crudely freakin
Like dating a bitch who got real thang fading
Sweating like the niagra falls fallin’ N’ gradin
My patience it’s upsetting
Can’t play with my feelings if ya got pretty
Hating,Gotta go further ?If She is askin let it
That’s it I’m stopping But Stallone shouting at me
You me nobody can hit as hard as life
That right man seen em lose the fight
I’m contradicting at gear eight,you feel the speed alright ?
someone’s been calling me on my Skype,Hype this shit,I don’t need a pipe
My bike Keeps me high,full of pride
My mind bribes behind my eyes, gotta ride
Until my burden’s light,I’mma be a knight
Put em hurdles oh my sight sharper than the mightiest eagle bright as a fucking day
Then despite My wheels not on flight
Flying high as a kite,bet the height of my words brought you this fucking plight
Why hate me bro bite me quite Imma lit the light in your dark soul
Ignite the ignorants’ right
my lyrics still ain’t got no copyright but stings like the bee who lost its knife N borrowed the sword from the store that sold the hammer to the Thor
So more coming this way go cover your ears tight
Might burn these ice cubes to suffice my crisis I’m lost on top of my axis Jesus Christ
A white screen rushin in my vision tryna find this
A Man risked his Life for these racist ass-kissed assist this piece of shit creeps at my peaks
Guess I can ignore these cocky pricks outta my list quick
Pass by haters on the smokey road
Tweak my ride ditch em like Tom cruise cruised in the MI5
You oughta Live each moment now forget the days you cried
You gotta revive ,wipe out that fake smile
Come pressure must you thrive
End your life on an endless archive
Strive to be the one you were not the last fucking night
I’m not a fitness freak
I fucking drive
myself Outta my zone,you keep em excuses piled
Fuck neagtive vibe
See my face count each fucking lines scribed
Said my Bike
You need a back up snitch I don’t
Trained by the pain of a grind
Get up you son of a bitch you must rhyme This is the time, you parasitic leech earn a dime
Do whatever yo put on your fuckin mind
Put you on a lil light homie you gon’ shine, These fucking feelings for ‘nother hoe ?
You gotta kill em with a nine
Fuck the game up boy be the Lord on your side take the holy sign,
Sore is temporary,that mine,
forever is your goddamn pride,
swore to hail mary, wont fucking back down untill I die
So I ride ,If I’m falling, I gotta fucking rise
I’m ballin’ for my niggas ain’t jotting lies
Can’t put a price on the real happiness
that’s my fuckin prize
Why be fake and play the guise of a guide
I know your every step,bitch you can’t hide
Face this angry monster,glitch in my eyes
Chase these dreams faster, itching my whys
These questions stream in my head terrifies
I’m screamin for the answers that clarifies
You can find thousand more words fuckin buried verified
A girl needs to get married
She needs to be sympathized,but you don’t guys,feed the soul as advised by the wise
Joseph Seed fuckin got me baptized in the holy ink I used to fuckin mark his last days
I’m just a raging poet who buys your bullshit lies turns into a superpower with the pen I write,Long live the irking poem he cites
Spites the wrong fucking screw em with a pike
My shit is so fucking uptight you gotta
Meet the sprite gives me this fucking insight
Treats me as a must be king glides through the dark and white that’s nice now I ride.

– ©The Sir Sagz😉

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